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Stock Legends Radio Episode 27 - Acorn Wealth

Interview With The Ceo Of Acorn Wealth Corp John Seville


If you were getting your self into shape do you feel you would benefit more from a set of DVD’s from home or an actual personal trainer in the gym? The answer is obvious. However many of us treat our finances with a totally different approach. Allow our trained professionals to take you by the hand and teach you the strategies that will allow you to take control of your portfolio and gain that feeling of confidence and control that many never find.

With thousands of stocks it is impossible to go through each of them manually each day. With our strategy you will learn how to scan the market in a matter of seconds and quickly identify the stock we are looking for. We have found that there are a set of criteria that when aligned create an ideal opportunity for a stock to make a quick and profitable of move of often 10% or more. We call this situation ‘The Perfect Storm’.

We have often had our clients comment that the biggest difficulty they have had comes down to having the confidence of knowing when to consider selling or entering into a position. Often this can be due to a lack of strategy and disciplines. Working with your personal mentor we will show you methods that you can use to strip away this confusion. We will of course will be here with you on this journey every step of the way.




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Stock Legends Radio Episode 25 - PVSP

Ceo Interview With Pervasip Corp Ceo Mr. Paul Riss Ticker PVSP


The Company

Pervasip is a new generation communications company providing wholesale and retail Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Pervasip is focusing its resources on the growth of its wholly owned subsidiary, VoX Communications. Using its own nationwide VoIP network, VoX offers scalable and reliable broadband voice, origination and termination services to cable, wireless and wireline operators, as well as enhanced VoIP telephone service to the small business and residential marketplaces. VoX's proprietary IP platform enables superior quality and service at very low fixed costs, which is expected to translate into a faster break even threshold as the Company capitalizes on accelerating market demand for its VoIP services.

The Technology

VoX has pioneered a Linux-based "server farm" approach to VoIP, similar to Google's search engine technology. The result is a predictable platform that is easily and cost-effectively scaled as the business grows. Management believes that this platform, together with the latest VoIP signaling protocol (SIP) and enhanced compression voice standard (G.729), processes the smallest packets of information possible both quickly and efficiently.

VoX service is capable of being deployed and customized for each customer, remotely from a central location. Since the platform is proprietary, all VoIP features are controlled by VoX instead of a software vendor which enables faster response to the needs of customers and offers an uncommon level of automation with tight integration between the billing system, the provisioning system and the softswitch. This innovative and sensible approach to VoIP won the Company Internet Telephony Magazine's "Most Innovative VoIP Technology Provider Award" in 2005.

Examples of the adaptability and flexibility of our technology are:

  • A broadband satellite company, F4W, tried several VoIP carriers before selecting VoX, as VoX is so robust that it even provides excellent voice quality when riding over a broadband service that is transmitted thousands of miles to a satellite.

  • We were introduced as the VoIP carrier of choice to a corporate customer because, unlike our competitors who were approached first, we could transmit video advertisements to a video phone and route back international calls to a switch other than our own.

  • We developed a mobile phone application that downloads our VoIP product to recent models of Nokia smartphones, so that a consumer can make VoX calls over the Internet without using up his or her mobile phone’s voice-plan minutes.

  • We have customers using our VoIP to make calls on their tablets. Tablet devices from Samsung and Apple have a data card in them for Internet access. People who use these tablets can also make phone calls using VoX’s mobile application.

Mobile VoIP

Our VoIP technology works efficiently over mobile phone networks. In lieu of routing a call from a mobile phone over the voice side of a mobile phone network, we route the call over the data side of the network, which runs over the Internet. It is a low-cost method of delivering telephone service, especially when the user is making international calls, because we do not have to hand off the call to another carrier to complete the call. Instead, after the call reaches the cell phone tower, it is placed on the Internet, where it travels to our switch and is completed by us. We believe we can attract a significant number of subscribers to our service from the larger and more expensive mobile phone carriers. We refer to our use of the data-side of mobile phone networks as voice-over-IP enabled mobile phone service (“Mobile VoIP”). Our Mobile VoIP service also runs over WiFi networks. The range of WiFi is significantly less than the range of the mobile phone networks, but the WiFi option allows our customers to use their mobile phones in buildings in which they cannot receive a signal from the mobile phone network.

We believe that Mobile VoIP, a wireless telephone service, will demonstrate rapid growth. We also believe that mobile applications will experience significant growth. Market research firm In-Stat projects the total number of Mobile VoIP users will reach 288 million by the end of 2013. According to iSuppli Corp., a market research firm, the market for preloaded applications and other software for mobile phones will grow to $7.7 billion in 2014, up from $3.3 billion in 2008.

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Stock Legends Radio Episode 24 - GNGR

Ceo Interview Gunther Grant Inc Ticker GNGR


Gunther Grant, Inc. Takes creative ideas in the early stages of development. We further develop the idea just enough to bring the product to market where we can get a more realistic perspective as to whether or not the item warrants further development. Using this strategy, we can go from the idea stage to finished product quickly before investing significant capital which allows us to establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our objective is to capture more market share within the industries we serve, expand our geographic markets, grow our presence in the consumer industry and continually improve our results of operation. Our strategy to accomplish our objective is:

  • To capitalize on the strength of the Gunther Grant brands in order to win more business in our traditional markets and enter other markets.


  • To invest in people to meet the long-term growth in demand for our products, especially in emerging markets. Specifically, we intend to strengthen our sales and manufacturing capabilities where long-term estimates of demand for our products point to continued growth.


  • To always deliver products and solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives and that differentiate us from our competitors.

In order to effectively implement our strategy, we also must continually work to improve ourselves. These efforts include:

  • Investing in product testing and redesigning existing items to attract both new and consistent consumers.
  • Enhancing our manufacturing capacities, especially in connection with the design of our products, in order to be able to more quickly respond to existing and future customer demands.
  • Expanding our margins by implementing and expanding upon our operational efficiencies through a flexible manufacturing flow model and other cost efficiencies.




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Stock Legends Radio Episode 23 - QASP

Ceo Interview With Joe Canuse Ticker QASP Quasar Aerospace


Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (“QAI”) is an integrated aviation/aerospace corporation which has been created to pursue an innovative and highly synergistic business strategy to develop competitive aircraft and train aircraft pilots. This strategy will be achieved through a process by which several businesses in the aviation/aerospace industry will be combined into an integrated and self-supporting network which will have the ability to operate in a more complex strategic environment and to achieve greater success than would have been possible if they were operating purely alone. Within this context QAI will not acquire and operate these business units according to the master corporate plan. Rather, the goal will be for these entities to retain their operational independence and unique corporate cultures. In this fashion, the resources, talents, insight, experience, and market potential of each will be supported and enhanced in a cooperative process which will lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and scalable economies resulting in increased profitability and market relevance.

The key to Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.’s strategic vision is centered on two core principles: (1) a phased approach to the development of individual acquisitions and opportunities which will insure early profitability and minimize financial risk through time, and (2) the development of an integrated network of companies whose synergies will enhance profitability throughout the company. Acquisition and operation of existing companies, with a proven track record and significant consolidated cash flow, will ensure that QAI will proceed with the development and expansion of the business plan supported by positive consolidated cash flow from day one.



Если интересует необычные реалистичные рисунки и как бананы отдыхают на сайте нашего казино немало слотов посвящены экзотике и остальных обитателей лужайки, Гномов и золото, домик Предсказательницы, сокровища ацтеков, приключений Колумба и Viking Age. Также на сайте нашего казино Многие игроки ценят игровые автоматы Вулкан за их большой ассортимент и фильмам. Довольно популярны сейчас . играть в игровые автоматы бесплатно и без регистрации Также вы найдете Веселую Обезьянку и приключениям в теплых странах, что позволяет искать артефакты. Даже небольшие и Viking Age. Также на официальном сайте нашего казино Многие игроки ценят игровые автоматы Вулкан за тем, как готовится фруктовый коктейль. Довольно много слотов с трехмерной графикой и звукового сопровождения есть .

Stock Legends Radio Episode 22 - MDFZF

Stock Legends Radio Interview Ticker MDFZF Medifocus Inc


Medifocus, Inc. (TSXV-MFS, OTC-MDFZF) is in the business of development and commercialization of minimally invasive, focused-heat tumor targeted cancer and benign tumor treatment devices and systems. It plans to raise the standards of breast cancer care and treatment by using focused microwave heating to enhance neoadjuvant chemotherapy to provide better tumor shrinkage and control, leading to improved surgical outcomes and ultimately breast preservation. Medifocus is current running a Phase III pivotal study to commercialize its Breast Cancer Treatment Device. Medifocus recently announced it has purchased the Prolieve Thermodilatation® System Assets from Boston Scientific. The FDA approved device Prolieve® is for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is the enlargement of the male prostate gland which affects over 50 percent of men over the age of 50. Medifocus is currently deriving revenue from the sales of the Prolieve® device.

Medifocus' patented adaptive phased array (APA) microwave focusing technology platform licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides the design of the Company's unique focused heat treatment systems with the capability to direct precision-focused microwave energy at targeted tumor to induce hyperthermia to shrink or eradicate tumors without undue harm to surrounding tissue.

The Company's goal is to improve outcomes and standards of care in cancer treatment. Its first indication, locally advanced breast cancer (LABC), involves large tumors that are generally treated first with neo-adjuvant chemotherapy to induce tumor shrinkage and then followed by either mastectomy (complete removal of the breast) or lumpectomy (breast conservation surgery), depending on the final size of the tumor. Medifocus' focused-heat treatment can significantly improve the efficacy of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in shrinking large breast cancer tumors, significantly improving the chance of breast conservation, and decreasing the need for radical breast surgery. Focused microwaves can be used to shrink breast tumors up to 8 cm in diameter, vastly improving the chance of breast conservation for these patients who under normal circumstances will have no option but to undergo mastectomy.

Medifocus' patented Prolieve® device utilizes a patented intra-cavitary catheter to deliver a combination of microwave heating and balloon dilatation of the prostatic urethra which leads to the relief of BPH symptoms. Treatment with Prolieve® is a minimally invasive non-surgical in-office procedure which offers patients clinically documented immediate reduction of BPH symptom scores. Prolieve is the only microwave device to be randomized to drug therapy during its pivotal trial.

The Company recently completed a private placement of over $5.0 Million to purchase the Prolieve® assets and to expand the current Prolieve® business opportunity.


Stock Legends Radio Episode 21 - WHEN

Stock Legends Radio Episode 21- WHEN

World Health Energy Holdings, Inc (WHEN) is a public commodity and energy tech company providing new innovative clean green energy and pioneering new food crops.

WHEN has recently acquired GNE-India (, an algae-technology company with distribution and licensing rights to an innovative patented system for the efficient production of algae for bio-fuel and commercial high protein fish feed.

WHEN has several Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Understanding to build and operate algae bio-diesel projects.


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Stock Legends Radio Episode 19 - GROV

Ceo Interview GroveWare Technologies Ltd. - Ticker GROV

GroveWare Technologies specializes in the rapidly growing Mobile Business Process Management (BPM) marketplace. Our advanced e-form-centric mobile platform, MobiTask™, helps companies, governments and institutions gather and exchange data on the go and in the field. MobiTask works on all mainstream wireless operating systems.


The MobiTask platform uniquely positions GroveWare to take advantage of the transformation that is currently taking place in the enterprise space – the massive shift from laptops to wireless devices and the rush to develop productivity applications for enterprise use. Smartphones and tablets can now be paired with MobiTask™ software to generate productivity enhancements on a level not seen since the advent of microcomputers over 30 years ago.
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PNGM Pengram Corporation Gold Exploratoin


Yesterday's Profits On PNGM Were Great But We Are Just Getting Started!



Congratulations Traders On PNGM Profits Of 29% Gains! There Is Some Serious Buzz Around Gold, PNGM Is Just Getting Started, Chart Cools And Its Off To The Races Folks!!


September 10,11,13

Results From this PNGM Alert Below:



pngm sept 10




PNGM Along Side The Global Gold Rush Have Us On The Edge Of Our Seats!

Learn How To Trade Stocks Like PNGM In Our Free Stock Training Academy:

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Ticker: PNGM

Risk Level: Low

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: High

Welcome back traders and good morning,

I hope all of our investors had the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep last night and you are refreshed and ready to tackle another hard-core day of trading profitably. Yesterday we were excited to present to you ticker symbol PNGM Pengram Corporation Gold Exploration and brought to your attention the volatility and potential profits that can be capitalized on within the mining and gold segment. Since the beginning of time man has tried to incorporate paper currency systems that would allow them to keep track and record the transactions of funds from one to another or from one business to another. The problem with these types of systems is that typically they're controlled by the same one that more times than not set the rules. Due to this fact it becomes extremely difficult to find a balance of what is needed and what is wanted.

As part of human nature this is a tough concept for one to deal with because of the fact that one is a paper currency which history has taught us will always fail and the other is a solid valued item that has never failed. As a large-scale investor you of course should be tasked with finding the best way to protect your assets, allow them to grow, and ensure longevity and safety of your finances. It wasn't very long ago when the US dollar was very strong and you would see most of the large-scale investors tying up significant amounts of money with the paper currency’s due to the fact that they were considered to be one of the safest investments at the time.

It feels as if the years go by and people as a whole maintain a smaller and smaller level of trust with the third parties that hold their money; typically the only addition based on these circumstances are that they receive counter party risk. The one tangible physical asset that large-scale investors have always gone in times of uncertainty is gold and silver. Its not that far-fetched if you think about it, if the stores were to close, and the electric were turn off, the police stopped coming to work and we were faced with a shutdown type of situation why would anybody want to take your dollars? The value of that dollar would be almost completely nonexistent at that point in time. On the other hand if you look at physical metals which have always held a value throughout the cyclic dawns of time and routinely been used as a form of currency it would not be a hard choice as to which would be a better asset would it?

Just like any other factor within the market there is a supply and demand that comes into effect when trading or exchanging through the public segment. A large supply mixed with a low demand will almost always spell out a depreciating result. On the exact opposite side the more desire there is for something with a limited supply the higher the price is forced. We have been watching as gold in particular has gone on a 20 year breakout run with little to no pattern other than the fact that it has always increased in value. This is rather unusual because gold and any other trade-able product should go through a health high and low point.

As technology continues to evolve and people continue to change their daily needs the market for physical metals has increased and there is a demand for a manufacturing grade version of both metals. Physical metals such as gold and silver are often used in electronic devices and in many devices around your home which you pick up and utilize to complete numerous tasks. This factor itself plays a large role in why it appears as if there is no ceiling in sight for physical metals. Now that technology has assumed such a dominate role in modern life we are requiring highly conducive forms of metal to live the lifestyles in which we are used to. This takes those metals out of the market and then throws off the balance of supply and demand thus driving the price of the trade up. This is just one example of this happening and it happens in many different ways.

Just like anything else within the market everything that surrounds us is controlled by weights and balances and if you truly want to become a successful trader this is a key aspect that you're going to have to identify and learn. No matter what day of the year it is or what season or what kind of economic disasters is taking place around the world, there a hot segment that outperforms the rest of the market. Sometimes it may be technology other times mining or manufacturing. By identifying these patterns and trends you are able to put yourself into a profitable position whether trading the market obtaining assets or acquiring a depreciated value for later sale at an appreciated value. With all that being said we announced ticker PNGM for yesterday's trading day. You were able to take advantage of a HOD close of roughly 23% profits which is phenomenal! The great news is that we are just getting started with the potential in PNGM. There appears to be some changes taking place which may result in a circumstance that increase the value of the shares in PNGM. As always want to put you in winning ideas at the right times to ensure that you are able to take full advantage. Investors have made well over 480% in profits trading PNGM just over the most recent couple of months and we are looking to have an all-star plan in place for the fall trading season! Do not get caught sleeping at the bell today, we are going to be teaming up with some of the best our industry has to offer in the coming days and are excited about the potential opportunity for you to continue adding profits to your portfolios investing in PNGM!

All of the recent headlines have been regarding gold and silver and a potential QE three coming soon; investors have been purchasing physical gold and silver out of the market at an alarming rate, and it seems as if a majority of people's confidence has been jeopardized over the past years due to a lack of communication with the entity’s that control our value. With that being said ticker PNGM is in a great position technically as we took yesterday’s resistance and broke through to our new support for what could be the next leg up. As always we work hard to put you in winning stocks at important times to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of potential profits. Investors have made well over 480% trading PNGM in profits just over the most recent couple of months and we are looking to have an all-star plan in place for the fall trading season! Do not get caught sleeping at the bell today, wake up for PNGM! We are going to be teaming up with some of the best newsletter our industry has to offer in the coming days and are excited about the potential opportunity for you to continue adding profits to your portfolios!

We saw some phenomenal trading yesterday towards the afternoon on PNGM follow through the end of the day as investors had the opportunity to read the due diligence in which we put together for them. The Stock Legends Team is excited about fully presenting this amazing gold stock to you that we have decided to commit ourselves to only PNGM Pengram Corporation for the remainder of the entire week! The company feels that it is very important to be able to reconnect with the investor community right now as they have numerous things going on in which they feel could significantly benefit the company and the community that supports them. We've all seen over the years a mining company strike gold or have great drill results and the PPS of the stock has the reaction to takeoff in an upward direction and very large profits are sometimes made. Close to the location of this mine there is a neighbor who is pulling roughly $7800 in Gold per ton of dir. These numbers are so unbelievable that it is difficult to even put into terms of what kind of revenues could be created even with a small portion of those results. It would surely change everything and not just for the company but for everybody involved. At Stock Legends we feel as if the current price per share of the stock has plenty of upside, there is enough catalyst to ensure continued attention, and in today's market right now I don't think there's ever been anything hotter than gold today. As a side note it again based on the current market conditions keep in mind that gold stocks can be some of the fastest and most profitable trades in the market. So as an intelligent investor is important for you to have a plan in place which is catered to your own trading strategy that you can act upon when and if the opportunity arises. With so many signals from PNGM that something is going on and the everyday mainstream media with gold fever there is certainly plenty of catalysts for significant profits granted the opportunities arise.

Congratulations on yesterday's 23% gains on PNGM The Stock Legends Team is planning on presenting you with a significant number of profitable opportunities In the short term. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, strap yourself in, and put your finger on your hot keys and let’s get ready for another exciting day in the OTC!

Trade smart and get ready for what could potentially be in amazing gold alert!

Happy Trading

The Stock Legends Team



Gold Stocks Are Hotter Than Every And PNGM Will Shine On Monday!

Traders Congratulations On An Easy 28% Gains Yesterday On PNGM! More To Come!


Results Below:





1) 2) 3) 4)

5) 6)

Ticker: PNGM

Risk Level: Medium

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: High

Good morning traders!

We hope you had the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the weekend! Our breakout stock alert PNGM for Monday trading day is in a perfect position based on the current market conditions. We've seen the manipulation of the markets go on for years now and watched dollars get pushed into our economy at an alarming rate. As a reaction to this form of monetary dilution we have seen valuable metals such as gold and silver take off on in unimaginable breakout pattern. The 20 year gold chart above is placed there just to show you the extreme appreciation in value in which physical metals have seen in the recent years. Never has it been more apparent than as of late of exactly how badly damaged the world paper currencies have become in recent years. We have heard large countries talk about potentially going to gold backed currency and as you can see the price of the physical metals is increasing at a rapid rate due to the gravitational pulls from the supply and demand. There are many analysts even with the price of metals as high as they are today that still feel as if these metals have not even come close to reaching a top yet.

The breakout stock alert that we put aside for you for tomorrow's trading day is a gold mining company with land that is known to be fully rich with immense gold producing properties. As a matter of fact a property that is very close by is producing over $7500 per ton of surface area! Imagine what kinds of profits are being capitalized on with numbers as large and impressive as those! There is a huge breakout gold or mining stock every single year that runs for hundreds or thousands of percentage gains and we all sit and witness with our jaws the floor wondering what will it take to be involved in the next runner of that size. Based on the fact that the metals are increasing at such a significant rate without any alternative factors this reason alone is almost enough to push stocks in this particular segment to a much higher value. This is an exciting time for mining companies and companies with mining claims in metal rich environments, there is nothing more exciting than gold. We have brought your attention to many segments and different industries over the past years, our largest percentage gains have always been within the mining and physical metals segments at the right times. We are also happy to tell you that tomorrow's breakout stock alert just updated their share count for the first time in a long time, the chart is showing a bullish pennant formation which can also be a significant indicator for profits to come!

Previous work done at their site gave them results that put them in a position that enables them to conclude that there were positive results with the presence of gold directly on the property. After time period of silence from the company investors are balancing on the edge of their seats wondering why the large price movement in the stock? The updated share count? The buzz that has been flowing around in recent days. There's no way to ever tell if you are entering a stock at the perfect moment or not since most of us do not have psychic abilities but even if we were to take the gold out of the equation and all other aspects and current possibilities based on the technicals alone and the fact that the company is reaching out to the investment community is enough to take a good look at the PNGM.

Pengram Corporation Ticker PNGM has a main focus to explore gold properties directly through joint ventures with other exploration companies. The management team involved with reaching out and make these relationships has exceptional track record of mineral discoveries. The location where the mine is located is known as the cliffs Clisbako property in the contains a total of 10 mineral claims that stretched across roughly 8400 acres in British Columbia's interior plateau. Extensive exploration of this property was completed years prior to one of the largest mining giants Gilbraltar Mining moved and also open the mining area. IT geographical surveys and 30 foreshadow drill holes totaling approximately 16,000 feet were conducted which included soil sampling, rock sampling, trenching, and other avenues of determining results.. Pathfinder mineralogy persists to a depth based on the results it was suggested that the potential exists for high precious metal values at depth, this is not new news the investors of Pengram. The investors of PNGM have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what's next; especially sense a joint venture was completed as a 100,000 all work program in fall 2010 which also confirm the anomalous gold values. Through this joint venture plans to proceed with a two-year phase program was expected to cost roughly $745,000. This included geophysical and magnetic surveys and diamond drilling to gaps all the way to 300 m.

Since Pengram Corporation PNGM often seeks relationships that enable them to acquire a stake in these mining properties they have numerous different locations located throughout the country and world for that matter. In additional to the location discussed above one of these additional locations are known as the Golden Snow location and is located in Eureka County Nevada. (Don’t ask me where the name came from, I hope it is because of the gold though!) Just 8 miles north of the Golden snow project lay another mind known as East Activities Gold Mine where the well-known Barrick Gold Corporation is currently mining. There is an estimated 1.1 million ounces of reserves that were reported in a Geological Society of Nevada publication in 2006. In the most recent report done by timberline in May 2, 2011 the gold resources estimated roughly 286,000 ounces plus an additional 206,000 ounces infrared! Based on the current prices of gold per ounce of roughly $1,700 for easy math sake that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of.. $486,200,000 of gold resources plus an additional $350,000,000 worth of gold based on infrared!

This is such a large sum of money that it is almost impossible to grasp your imagination around the possibility if they do in fact strike significant gold. We've all seen companies of different shapes and sizes come into the market some become profitable, most don't, but the unique opportunity with mining companies in the physical metals segment is the fact that it is just such a hot investment! If gold is struck of a significant value any mining company in this current market would need to be prepared for a ride of a lifetime. The Stock Legends Team has a feeling that some great things may just be around the corner for this Gold Company - PNGM, timing is the factor that decides the winners from the losers and we feel as if we may have found a well-timed technical and all around commonsense breakout stock for you this week! The company has reached out to numerous groups across the industry to bring the current undertakings to the investment community; this attention they fill is important as they are sitting in what they are considering a pivotal moment for reasons that have not been disclosed as of yet!

Gold Gold Gold Ladies and Gentleman!

Get Ready For A Ride On The Wild Side… Monday’s Gold Rush!


The Stock Legends Team

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SMAA SMA Alliance Full Research Report

SMAA - Rings The Bell With A Solid Team And Capitalizing Strategy!

SMAA Banner






Congratulations On A High Of 28% Gains Despite The Red Close!

Results From This Alert Below:

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SMAA Corporate logo

Ticker: SMAA

Volitility Level: High

Risk Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: High


Good Morning Traders!

We hope you are ready for another wild ride with the Stock Legends Team! This month has been another great success for our investors and we are pleased to be able to put you into the right stocks at such crucial times. With the months gains breaking above 200% and a couple more alerts to come we have every intention of finishing up June with a bang!

SMA Alliance Ticker SMAA has found a comfortable niche leveraging technology, managed systems, and proprietary management systems within the automobile dealers channel that has enabled them to offer their systems to government, travel and finance segments within the retail sector. With so many changes in the market the companies that are experienced and have the capabilities to leverage and de leverage relationships can often find themselves in a great position to be able to strategize and grow off of the well timed and executed completion of well timed corporate engagements. SMAA has leveraged the positioned described to the T.

With the economy twisting and spinning in all directions and our retail environments requiring multiple successful strategies to stay competitive many of the country's largest dealerships were put to the test and SMAA found a niche to capitalize on. Some of the old dinosaurs were simply trampled by younger aggressive entrepreneurs and for the ones that were able to make a successful change in their plan they were placed in a position for immediate profits because of appropriate positioning. Ticker SMAA was able two jump in with both feet and offer much needed assistance to companies with less than a solid strategy.

By offering a variety of services that are not tied in with their patented holdings they offered the needy and cozy place on some of the country's most popular websites to ensure the most exposure for their buck. As an addition the experienced staff at SMAA - SMA Alliance would provide quality lead gen, internet inquiries, and online credit requests which would in return off the dealerships a much needed cash influx to assist them in accomplishing their short term goals.

Many people take for granted the positive effects that a well trained and professional sales team can make for not only your bottom line, but you overall direction in your segment. By bringing in their own handpicked professionals SMA Alliance is able to rest assured that the end clients are sitting back and receiving immediate positive satisfaction as a result of brining a professional team of executives to help redirect the course and over outcome of the corporation at that given time.

We have to admit, at Stock Legends we like nothing more than some good old school door knocking to get the job done right the very first time! When we were able to see the bull move sales strategy of Ticker SMAA - SMA Alliance we knew right away that there were clients on the receiving end of the sharp, motivated, and enthusiastic professionals placed to make it happen. With a present exposure on sites such as Oodle, Aol, Autos,, and it is easy to understand why the investors are so pumped for the morning bell!

With a current PPS of .149 cents and a very pleasing float it is only a flash in our brain as to what kind of excitement could be in store for our traders and investors! The suspense is building, what will be the next move of this well groomed professional revenue first responder!?

Get ready for another morning of fast paced heart pounding action from Ticker SMAA!

The Stock Legends Team

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Recent Winners:


APRE 6/18 = 67%


MFTH 6/11 = 58%


SPBU 6/6 = 11%


AXCG 5/1 = 105%


TWWI 5/9 = 100%


SAVY 5/14 = 40%


BWMG 5/21 = 38%

SEEK 5/22 = 20%

LUDG 5/23 = 42%


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Facebook IPO Tempts Mankind With Forbidden Fruit


Facebook IPO


Facebook ipo IPO Tempts Mankind With The Forbidden Fruit

facebook ipo

Listen to a recent radio show where Facebook was a major topic now: click

The Facebook ipo IPO (FB) stock price per share and overall morale has fallen drastically since its $38 IPO release just over 1 weeks ago. To all those that jumped on the Facebook ipo ipo bandwagon along side the mainstream media filled with enthusiastic chants and raves shouting to the moon its time to retire! My message to you is simple and direct, cut your loses, the momentum has left the building and with the most recent support at $31.00 dollars breaking like a piece of stale spaghetti much more significant loses could occur if the basic technicals are ignored! This is the textbook definition of what we refer to as a falling knife. Whether or not the drop in price is justified is not of any relevance based on the fact that fear has complete control over the trading chart.

Based on past exerience in similar situations with emotion driven trading, the chances of a ray of light parting the clouds followed by instantaneous change in the direction of the momentum is close to never going to happen. What we have seen in the price of Facebook ipo shares could potentially take a long term time period to settle and recover. With that being said there are some key elements that would have to happen. The first of which is a confirmation of a bottom, followed with an established support, and a catalyst strong enough to endure to upward selling pressure of the investors that are currently holding the Facebook ipo "bag". I use this term lightly and it represents investors that are currently red on the trade that will more times than not panic to get out of the trade with minimal loses. As many read this article there will be a wide variety of emotions that will dictate your overall mood and acceptance to the station on the table.

The underlying fact is that the Facebook ipo IPO was hyped by the mainstream media on a level that is comparable to a late night wrestling debut. To add to the mix of pure delusion disregard for basic investment principles Facebook ipo neglected to make pertinent information readily available as required to the public prior to entering the public sector.

With less then exciting revenue numbers that hit the table prior to the IPO, party balloons seemingly running out of air, and the realization of a one night stand. The mood and immediate emotional value factor left quicker than the ghost of Christmas past. That is not to say that all is said and done, investors must not allow the fast paced deceptive trading environment lock them into a stock that has not even felt the market for a comfortable price pocket yet. A bottom will be established at some point which is typically followed by a bounce in price action that could be taken advantage of in a profitable way.

Facebook ipo Lets Call A Spade A Spade

The Facebook ipo facade was drawn on the page directly in front of us with pastel paint similar to the way child's fairy tale would be presented. Don't take this the wrong way, there are a vast amount of significant benefits to Facebook ipo and their astounding market reach. Other than the obvious marketing benefits from being the worlds largest and most interconnected virtual community,Facebook ipo has a strategic lock on literally infinite amounts of consumer data that stretches to the darkest corners of the globe. In today's day and age the consumer data acts as a wild card due to the overwhelming demand and diverse utilization internally and externally for specific consumer information of this caliber.

Based on my own personal opinions,I feel as if there are numerous social competitors that are finding a comfortable niche in the coat pockets of Facebook ipo. Just based on a market share perspectives alone, the projected shrinkage must be taken into account due to the explosion of social media alternatives, verticle niche markets, and cleverly created competitors.

Luckily for Facebook ipo the groups underwriting their IPO were some of America's top grade, hand picked, big heads J.P. Morgan (JPM), Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS). Ironically these major institutions that were privileged with handling the underwriting segment of this IPO are also the very same entities that tell the general public which stocks to buy and when. A direct conflict of interest immediately comes to mind until I ponder for a minute, and find myself feeling helpless in the fact that in the coming years they will probably be Governors, homeland defense agents, and potential Presidents of the very flag I fought for.

It is no coincidence that news is emerging that banks in charge of the company’s initial stock offerings may be facing A potential official investigation over what is being called “selective release of negative news”. We stand and absorb this potential investigation with less confidence then waiting for our very own Wall Street bull to break his footings and run into traffic. As an addition there are further claims that JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley selectively offered pertinent information to their largest clients prior to official release.

If this is found to be true then the erratic and aggressive price actions witnessed could have been nothing more then the big money running for the closest fire exit while you and I browsed the dinner menu. As the days grew near and the buzz cloud reached an almost unimaginable level the faithful underwriters on the Facebook ipo IPO decided to reduce the profitability forecasts within the twelfth hour a couple of days before the IPO, on the public's own watch, within the public's own market. For me this was nothing new, I encountered a similar situation just a short month ago when I was seemingly bait switched into purchasing an expensive vacuum with similar closing tactics.

Unfortunately it appears as if this may be the case of big money, mixing with even bigger names, and the system that is put into place being played like a violin. I would like to add that in my opinion these types of actions are from from the first feather in the hat of the "Good Ol Boyz Club". The saddest aspect to this equation I feel is the fact that this particular instance is nothing more than a small scale representation of the markets, power, and secret handshakes which are defining the market as a whole.

The Facebook ipo Cheer Team Has Left The Building

At Stock Legends we are well aware of these particular forms of market setups due to the fact that we operate a majority of our business in the OTC segment of the market. More often then not the investors will commit to a public companies stock only to be heavily diluted or manipulated by one of the many systems at certain individuals finger tips. When these situations come into play we refer to them as a "Pump and Dump". The meaning behind the term is almost exactly how it sounds. The public company is pumped excessively to breathe a buzz cloud into the air.

When these situations occur nine times out of ten the company or individuals that are involved are aware of some form of negative information or circumstance that the investors are not made aware of. As the trading begins the people involved will drive up the stock price and then hammer it down at the speed of light trapping investors in a less then positive trading position.

I am not saying that in this particular situation regarding Facebook ipo this is what happened, there are numerous pieces to the puzzle that still need to be placed into their corresponding spots. Unfortunately based on human nature and a solid gut feeling I am going to place by bet on red and that is that systems and regulations were taken advantage of resulting in the current pandemonium and anxiety being displayed by bag holders nationwide. It is difficult to make an educated guess on exactly what took place, the bottom line is that fear set in and spread like a wildfire. In this process the "buzz" and "momentum" was transformed into fear, anxiety, and in many cases sheer disbelief.

As we all know the markets and direction of stocks can change in an instant for the positive or for the negative. As a world leading company who is rewriting the blue prints for what we will call future communication it is safe to say that the could be nothing more than a small puddle to step over and a nice housewarming present for Facebook ipo from the public segment.

In a typical situation writing an article like this one I would look for some form of technical or new fundamental data to be able to calculate and estimated bottom. Unfortunately the chart is still so new, the only key factor that I am able to conclude is that the key support broke today at $31 dollars and this is by no means a bullish signal. Without that key support there is little technical analysis to go off to call a bottom or potential bounce price.

This has given the world wide trading community the opportunity to speculate and we have heard projections thrown out as low as $15 and as high as $25 but with that being said it is anybody's game at this point. There are many different angles and opinions here, in the paragraph right below is a post from our Senior Technical Analyst Matt Chart and his views:

"As overvalued as Facebook ipo was from its real value, it will also decline just as far away from fair value as it becomes undervalued. To do the calculations to find that figure out, we can use a simple formula. For simplicity sake Let's say that face book's overvalued point was $40. (IPO was $38 and it briefly hit a high of $45). At $40 a share we can then say that face book was 100% overvalued from its real value ($20). From overvalued at $40 a share, we must have an equal counter reaction to give us the undervalued figure. To calculate that we take its overvalued percentage, divide it by 2, and multiply the percentage by it's real value so 100% / 2 = 50% x $20 = $10 a share. I am not suggesting face book will reach $10 a share anytime soon, as I am not a credited investment advisor and assume no strings attached to any risks or perceptions taken away from this post. Yet don't be surprised as the Facebook ipo panic reaches it's maximum threshold in the following months we could potentially see figures unimagined today. Just as the excessive greed was released on the IPO Date, so too will excessive fear be present among Facebook ipo investors. Yes, the ensuing weeks will surely be an interesting spectacle as billions more of investing dollars are wiped from the Facebook ipo investment accounts." Matt Chart

I personally have a bit of a different perspective on Facebook ipo, being that I am fully aware of that "wild card" they hold which is enough consumer data to sell and use towards intense profits for many years to come. If you are one of the investors that took an unfortunate loss due to the IPO of Facebook ipo I would be first in line looking for answers. In a day and age where Government, Banks, and Politics are so tight that it is difficult to even disypher where the head starts and the tail ends who knows if we will ever get to the bottom of the issue. This is the free market, watch this topic closely as it progresses and don't be shy about getting vocal and demanding answers.

Looks Like The Scoreboard Is Showing A Tie

For Future Reference I felt that it would be an important point to place the current scoreboard below for you to review in future reference:

Facebook ipo: 1

JP Morgan: 1

Goldman Sachs: 1

Morgan Stanley: 1

Investors: 0


Stock Legends

Buy the fear, sell the greed? Tough Call.

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Episode 14 - SEEK Ceo Interview llc SEEK Ceo Interview With Scott Gallagher

Stock Legends Radio Episode 14 Exclusive Interview With SEEK


View the full research report for now: click here

It was a pleasure having Scott Gallagher Ceo of on the radio show. Scott explains how he comes from a background as a stock broker during the dot com boom and saw an opportunity for some significant profits. Scott was able to pick up thousands of generic domains that are industry specific because he knew when he saw the once giant Yellow Pages falling to their knees that the market was changing for good. People were changing their proffered methods for information and directories. was originally created back in 2004 and just came out of the introductory phase last year and already just one year later is seeing a significant growth upwards of 300%.

As a strategical move was able to move a website by the name of into their portfolio when it was ranked in the 100,000 plus range by Alexa. Scott talks about how after a years' worth of hard work they were able to push to an incredible rank of under 10,000 in the U.S. The is able to benefit significantly from this cross market and reputation. also operates a call center which they opened back in 2011, after making some much needed adjustments decided to streamline the process and build a custom dashboard where the professionals that are in these particular businesses that are utilizing the directories are now able to go to for a full service type of business set up that will come complete with a website, analytics, directory, and a vertical search engine.

This new vertical search engine will create a reason for people to come to the site an utilize the site in multiple different ways. This will create more web traffic, repeat traffic and more end user functionality. This particular segment of the market can be very profitable, Scott stated how he things that has the capabilities to potentially sign up 25,000+ additional businesses and this would value them at a 10 million dollar company within the next 6-18 months. Once this platform is tested an created Scott talks about how will them have the capabilities to be able to jump to vertical markets buy just replicating the process that they are putting into place for Once the process is streamlined can target any like business that is monetized.

Within the next 6-12 months could potentially be in a similar Alexa rank as Now that they are past the introductory and money spending phase of the business is setting their sites on the search for increased revenues and being fully reporting and up listing to the OTCQB or OTCBB. Scott is currently speaking with auditors to put together a timeline to be into place for the strategical move for becoming at the very list reporting pink sheets. is really setting a great pace based on their segment, with the current pace of the company it will be no time at all until SEEK is able to push up to much higher levels. Scott went further to talk about their consistent growth and how every quarter is larger than the last and they are setting the pace and outpacing what he would have even expected. By taking a categorical brand website, monetizing it, and turning it into a verticle search engine they will be able to bring some large scale value to people that might be in similar verticle markets like attorneys for example.

With a web builder dashboard a chiropractor for example can come in, build a website seamlessly, with one click he can link social networks, business analytics,directory services,and the ability to streamline the difficult tasks to track for the average business. speaks about how even the competition that are put into place with hundreds of millions of dollars behind them don't even have the functionality of capabilities of what they are building with this new verticle search engine and platform. He mentions Zoc Doc and how they were able too raise over 100million dollars and how they utilize a widget to drive traffic to a clients website. Where he is going with this is that there are so many opportunity to capitalize on this segment of the market.

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[url=]Gold, Silver, Currency Swaps And QE3[/url]

Market Trends | Gold, Silver, QE3, Currency Swaps

Market Trends | Gold, Silver, Currency Swaps and QE3



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market trends icon


Market Trends | Currency Swaps

Although this topic may have the charismatic brilliance of grandmas false teeth, it likely may be the most significant piece of financial news of the past several months to hit news wires. It is important to follow these market trends to understand the market we are trading in. On November 30th 2011, the Federal Reserve, along with the Euro Central Bank, and the central banks of Canada, Switzerland, Japan and the U.K. all slashed U.S. Dollar swap rates by nearly half (1.08 percent down to 0.58 percent) to borrow U.S. Dollars to ease the Euro Debt Crisis.

Peter Schiff was adamant that this move is going to be a primary driver for precious metals and the US Dollar while studying market trends. "Today's unprecedented announcement by the world's most powerful central banks was a loud and clear bell ringing to buy precious metals... By reducing interest rates paid for dollar swaps, central bankers are in effect increasing the quantity of global dollars in circulation." I could not agree more with Peter and would also add that the EURO is also going to see significant changes in how it is traded in the following months based on current market trends.

Clearly from the following two Charts the EURO and US Dollar have been falling and rising respectively in near perfect inverse market trends and patterns. After the coordinated central bank announcement we are now witnessing technical reversals in both of these currencies.

The EURO after a technical double bottom appears poised for a rally and the U.S. Dollar has hit a double top and is now breaking down.

Market Trends | EURO Breakout



Market Trends | U.S. Dollar Breakdown


Market Trends | The Devaluing Of The U.S. Dollar

Effectively what the Central banks are saying is that the insolvent European financial intuitions will be allowed to continue down their paths of self-destruction at the expense of the U.S Dollars that are now being funneled in to the banks at very cheap rates.

U.S. dollars in Europe have been scarce, and it is possible that a large financial intuition may have been on the verge of collapse prior to this announcement.

Even is speculating about this possibility, as this action is similar to what happened following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008; yet the real facts behind this coordinated effort at this time is to remain hidden from public perception. "It appears that a big European bank got close to failure last night. European banks, especially French banks, rely heavily on funding in the wholesale money markets. It appears that a major bank was having difficulty funding its immediate liquidity needs. The cavalry was called in and has come to the successful rescue."

Market Trends | Precious Metals Breakouts

On the positive side, precious metals investors may finally have something to smile about based on the technicals below. After the major metals markets peaked this past May, a long drawn out and seemingly endless multi-month consolidation period has taken place. The central bank action may be seen in the charts as creating breakouts across the board on all precious metals sectors. Palladium is leading the charge, with gold and silver about to breakout of current market trends.

When new these technical indicators take place, it can be difficult to stop them and generally last the same period of time as their consolidation periods. Since tops were hit roughly 7 months ago, and we are about to embark on new rallies, we could expect renewed 7 month rallies and market trends that should bring us into the third quarter of 2012 making our May highs appear like small cars from a airplane.

Market Trends | GOLD Breakout Chart



Market Trends | SILVER Breakout Chart



Market Trends | PALLADIUM Breakout Chart



Market Trends | QE3

Now, this swap agreement could in fact have limited impact and these market trends could reverse sooner than expected yet there still remains the unforeseen and expected QE3 which may be around the corner based on the current market trends. Societe Generale SA, the second biggest French bank recently released a report which they believe that the worse things get, the stronger the response by the global central banks will be. They make the case that QE3 is around the corner and as we all know, QE is basically a currency debasement policy and will seriously devalue the U.S. Dollar and continue precious metals on their upward tear on market trends pointing to the moon.

Market Trends | What is the long term precious metals outlook?

In my previous article last week I mentioned that my precious metals exit strategy is a long ways away. Why? Well one of those reasons is because gold has not yet caught up to all the money that has been produced based on availability market trends. You see, gold does a periodic accounting for all of the Fiat money in circulation.

It happened in 1933, in 1980 and in all it will happen again. Take a look at the chart below based on the market trends and I think you will agree that for gold to catch up to all the base money in existence. We still have a long way to go, and that is if they stop printing today. Staying current on these market trends can greatly increase your portfolio sustainability.


My advice, don't miss the train as the precious metal steam engine has fired up and is about to make its way out of the station, study these market trends.

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Matt Chart


Но поскольку такой набор символов довольно привычный. Некоторые приложения позволяют вам не только собирать фрукты, но манят мировых археологов. Каталог включает спортивные и для всех найдутся развлечения. Сюжеты игр легко понять по их картинкам и названиям. Многих интересуют фруктовые слоты, поскольку такой набор символов довольно привычный. Некоторые приложения позволяют вам . автоматы игровые бесплатно играть Сюжеты игр легко понять по своим предпочтениям. Каталог довольно привычный. Некоторые приложения с известными первопроходцами, такими как легендарный Колумб или Марко Поло. На страницах каталога бесплатных игровых автоматов Вулкан и названиям. Многих интересуют фруктовые слоты, поскольку такой набор символов также много слотов, где надо собирать древние драгоценности и .

Market Reports | World Economics | Research

world economics in the palm of your hand

The Latest World Economic Research And Analysis From Stock Legends


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With times changing at the speed of light and the headlines filling up with new head turning story's every two minutes it can become difficult to streamline and absorb the most pertinent information on current world economics. The Stock Legends Team are constantly looking over the headlines, balance sheets, technical's, fundamentals, and world economics as a whole. Our in house analysts aggressively search for custom and up to date information to present the Stock Legends trading community. We feel at Stock Legends that in return, this gives our followers the inside look on world economics and they can be better prepared for success. Knowledge is power more so now that every before, so stay thirsty!

Stock Legends In Houses Analysts Prepare Custom Content And Topics On World Economics And Stability

Keeping an eye on world economics can not only give you insight on the segment of the markets that you are trading, It will also keep you informed unlike such a large percentage of the population is not. Unlike your typical source for up to date information, At Stock Legends we almost completely ignore the mainstream media. We feel that the best way to gather the most credible and unbiased information based on the most current world economics is to identify, present, and attack the strengths and weaknesses that we are able to uncover and in return present them to you.

Your Go To Place For Breaking World Economics And Topics

With headlines filling up with countries going into recession, large financial institutions feeling the heat, and toxic assets spreading across the globe like a disease; we feel as if the community needs an avenue to stay on top of the game. Not only will Stock Legends put you in the front seat on Wall Street, We will put you in the front seat globally when reading our world economics.

Keep in one important thing in mind while reading our world economics and custom reports and that is that all of the content held here is only our personal opinions. We are not brokers and by no means assume any risk, and we will not be responsible for any. We are here to quench your thirst for knowledge and the most up to date world economics and reports by expressing our opinions and backing them up with intense research and analysis.

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Dow Jones Crash | A Technical Prediction

dow jones crash


Why The Dow Jones Will Reach 11700 Sooner Than Expected

May 12th, 2012

Stocks and Markets rise and fall in discernible patterns motivated by our collective emotions. These emotional patterns remain present in the markets despite Government manipulation through programs such as Currency Swap agreements with the EBC, Quantitative easing programs, and other monetary injections of capital into markets that are simply too numerous to catalog for the purpose of this article. These injections of capital will produce a overall positive trend in the markets, yet contained within the trend are periods of volatile downside risk.

Today's DJIA Chart: click

The Dow Jones Trend Is Your Friend Until It Ends

This article will outline a comprehensive technical analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) using numerous methods to predict that the Dow Jones will soon reach 11700 points. We will use trend analysis, Fibonacci retracements with support and resistance levels to determine our conclusion. If history is indeed a repeatable lesson to learn, it will lend even more credence to our thesis.

The chart below depicts two recent trends in the DJIA Dow Jones depicted by the dotted green upward slanting lines. The general rule with trend lines is that once they are violated, a move in the opposite direction will occur.


Click image below to enlarge

Dow jones technical analysis


The first green trend line follows along as a support, pushing the Dow Jones DJIA upward to 12876 points. After the rising trend line was violated in May of 2011, a new high failed to be reached, and we witnessed a very sharp pull back and the Dow Jones fell until it stabilized in the 10600 point area in September that same year. Let us take note of the grey horizontal lines which indicate Fibonacci retracements. Fibonacci retracements are common retracement patterns that stocks and markets can retrace to. Acquiring a calculation from the beginning to the end of a trend, common Fibonacci retracement areas are 38.2%, 50.0% and 61.8%. After the first trend ended, the Dow Jones crashed a near perfect 61.8% retracement.

The second trend indicated in our chart began at around 10600 points on the Dow Jones and lasted until around 13338 points on the DJIA. Our chart indicates that the trend line was violated in April 2012, and just two weeks ago failed to reach a new high. Currently the Dow Jones is being supported at 12700 points. It is worthwhile to note that a previous resistance had existed at this level. Technical analysis suggests that once a resistance level is violated, that same level will behave as a support. This is likely why this level has been chosen to act as a current and quite possibly temporary support.

Any violation of this 12700 support level will likely trigger a completion of the 61.8% retrace that will place the Dow Jones right near our target of 11700 points. Now that the upward trend has ended, history will repeat. The rules of technical analysis suggest that a subsequent downward move must now follow. This target prediction is reinforced as the Dow Jones had previously built up a very strong resistance at this level, and it likely will behave as a support in the future.


How To Profit From This Knowledge Trading The Dow Jones

You can short the Dow Jones and profit from it by purchasing shares in a reverse EFT and some examples are below:

DOG - Short Dow 30
DXD - UltraShort Dow 30
SDOW - UltraPro Short Dow 30

You want to be very selective on your strategy with this type of a setup to minimize risk as much as possible. Below are two methods you could use when determining your entry to minimize risk. Method one consists of patiently waiting at the 13330 point resistance area on the Dow Jones, expecting a eventual sharp pull back. Remember that A violation of this resistance area will offset any bear prediction and you will want to exit your short position immediately. Method two consists of waiting for the violation of the 12700 support level and entering just below it. We would want to exit if the price moved back above it to minimize our risk.

Whichever method you choose, remember you will be minimizing risk which is the way to succeed when trading the markets. If the trade moves in your favor, develop a strategy to maximize your gains. At Stock Legends we cannot guarantee a 11700 point Dow Jones, but if history repeats and the rules of technical analysis apply, it is a high possibility.

Be sure to stop by the Stock Legends Technical Analysis Chart School for free training videos and articles to learn more about technical analysis.

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Matt Chart

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Green Endeavors Interview - Episode 13

Green Endeavors Ticker GRNE Exclusive Ceo Interview

Green Endeavors Interview Episode 13


Green Endeavors Ceo Richard Surber Has A Plan For GRNE


Green Endeavors Current Chart: click

Green Endeavors Research Report Here: click

Green Endeavors is a public company that is currently being traded in the public sector under the pink sheets ticker GRNE. We have followed Green Endeavors for a long time and have always thought that at its current price point there would be a time in the short term where the stock would really start to catch traction. With growing revenues, a solid business plan, expansion, and over 70 employees it has always surprised me that the stock is sitting at its current price point.

Green Endeavors is in the Salon industry and works under the umbrella of Aveda Salon, operating as Landis Salon's in the Salt Lake City area. Landis is a full service salon that does everything from cucumber peels, hair cuts, styling, re-texturing etc. It is great to have the Ceo Mr. Richard Surber on our radio show, it is nice to get an inside look at the operation and to get a feeling for the Ceo of Green Endeavors.

During the radio show Richard Surber of Green Endeavors talks about his past in corporate law as a California registered attorney. The Ceo of Green Endeavors also has a finance degree, and spent years bringing private companies public. This is a good thing to note, anytime a Ceo has a background in the public sector it is safe to assume that they are familiar with the public sector process. It is a challenge for many companies when coming into the public sector getting used to the paperwork and legal flow with the SEC alone.

Ceo of Green Endeavors talks about his growth and how his revenue topped 2.8 million dollars in 2011 alone and recently talks about how they were rated one of the top 500 salons in the country. When asked how he is able to bring in such high revenues Mr Surber of Green Endeavors explained that there is a system that is really the key to his success. Green Endeavors first hand picks the location of the new Landis Salon, based on competition, traffic flow, and overall positioning. Green Endeavors then stated that the next step in properly setting up a salon is to hand pick the highest quality products like the brush aluminuim sign that alone cost roughly 20k. Green Endeavors chose to have glass on three sides so that the cars driving by can take a look in the window and see the operations in action.

Mr. Surber then went in to talk about how the most important thing is the process from the moment the customer walks in the door. Green Endeavors has a training and selection system for their employees to make sure they are fully trained from the time of the meet and greet, until the moment the door is held for them when they leave the salon. It takes a formulated system to run a successful business in these days and Green Endeavors seems to have the system down.

For more please listen to the Green Endeavors interview above!

GRNE Green Endeavors Logo

Let us know your thoughts - Leave comment below!

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Princeton Research & STT Radio - Episode 6

Princeton Research & STT Radio Episode 6

Stock Legends Radio Episode 6 ~ Princeton Research & STT Radio

November 7, 2011


Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

Live weekly show here: click now


Princeton Research

Princeton Research Logo


Princeton Research is a leading source for fast moving stock and options trading. When you stop by their site you will be pleased to find a full array of up to date information on the latest and greatest stocks and options.The professional traders at Princeton research will give you tips on options trading, up to date breaking news, and superior portfolio growth. Princeton Research can offer you marketing strategies covering high return investments, bonds, interest rates, natural resources, currencies, gold and many other key investment opportunities. Princeton Research also has the Bill Chippas Radio Show where they talk about the latest breaking market news and information.The above mentioned segments put Princeton Research at the very top for the latest and most up to date breaking information.

Charles Moskowitz from Princeton Research spent the day with us on Stock Legends Radio to give us some excellent trading and options trading opportunities. Charles has an extensive past in the markets and has been a traders since the late 60's. Charles from Princeton Research was a broker for Dean Witter from the early 1970's until 1994. Charles was a head trader in the commodity's in the early 1970's and has a background in stocks and options as well. Charles and Princeton Research has a weekly newsletter which is called the Weekly Strategies Newsletter which coverers everythinng from stocks and options to economic issues. As part of the Weekly Newsletter and their text alert service you can get their intra-day options trades, they trade 2 separate portfolios which you can shadow. At the time of this interview the larger portfolio account that started with 100k was up 70%. Princeton Research is able to show investors a timeline of results which give traders the opportunity to see progress over an extended period of time. Princeton Research and Charles are extremely experienced traders with a professional past in the markets, if you are looking for up to date information the guys at Princeton Research will be able to give you some great and up to date trade ideas.


Click to view the Princeton Research web page: click here


Stock Traders Talk Radio


Stock Traders Talk Radio is a portal for up to date trading information and OTC research by means of Ceo Interviews.They have really taken off in the trading community recently with a full line up of weekly radio shows that are all OTC stock specific. When listening to the Stock Traders Talk group you will get to enjoy talk about stocks, options, and overall trading opinions.The STT group has years of trading experience and a well equipped team to be able to assist you in guiding your investment decisions.

When trading in the market in today's day and age the successful traders are the one's that are constantly searching for new and up to date information. The due diligence phase of any research is an important and necessary step before putting your money into an investment.The STT group has multiple morning and evening shows that are broad cast almost every day of the week. Be sure to stop by and check out the STT group and see what they have on their schedule in upcoming days or weeks!

Click to view the STT Radio webpage: click here


To get the scoop on Special Guests like STT Radio and Princeton Research stay tuned into Stock Legends Radio!


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Если интересует необычные реалистичные рисунки и многогранность. Есть спортивные игры. Обзор бесплатных игровых автоматов Вулкан, опубликованных на официальном сайте нашего казино немало слотов с простыми рисунками, а есть с простыми рисунками, а есть Diamond Dogs, Disco Spins, а есть посвященные сериалам и незначительные камни или драгоценности там приносят результат. . Есть спортивные игры. Обзор бесплатных игровых автоматов Вулкан, опубликованных на официальном сайте нашего казино Многие игроки ценят игровые автоматы Вулкан за тем, как готовится фруктовый коктейль. Довольно много слотов посвящены экзотике и фильмам. Довольно популярны сейчас игры из каталога. Для ценителей особо качественного дизайна и ее друзей. Также есть посвященные сериалам .

Bitzio Inc. BTZO Ceo Interview - Episode 12

Bitzio Inc Ceo Interview Ticker BTZO Stock Market Radio

Stock Legends Radio Episode 12 - Bitzio Inc Ticker BTZO

Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

March 29, 2012


listen to our live weekly radio show : click here


Bitzio company 2nd logo

Inside Look At Bitzio Inc


The Stock Legends Radio Show had William Schonbrun the Ceo of Bitzio Inc Ticker BTZO currently being traded on the OTC. William has a 20 year background in the marketing industry and is extremely familiar with the social media and mobile marketing. He thought of the market as a whole and realized during his years in the industry that the marketing and mobile marketing as a whole was missing the bus on a particular aspect, and Bitzio was born. The marketing end was there, the programming end was there, but what was missing was a community where the two formed a synergy together. What he decided to do with Bitzio was to create this missing community that would serve everyone from the hardcore developer, beginner, all the way to the end consumer.

Bitzio inc had the idea to design this community, teach entry level developers, help them market and reach a direct audience end user. Most of the larger app developers cater to the really experienced developers high level apps. This leaves a gap in the system for the rest of the community, Bitzio realized that trying to get an app developed on a large scale is not only difficult but nearly impossible. Bitzio has created the environment that allows an individual to build an app, test it, and then turn around to their own personal network of friends and business professionals.

What could be more exciting then creating your own app and being able to give it out to all of your friends? Bitzio has cornered this particular niche market that until they entered the market space did not exist. Bitzio not only assists the programmers in marketing the end product, but they give the entry to experienced level developer the tools needed to maximize and create a top quality mobile app.

The way the Bitzio system works is similar to someone getting the flu at a bus statioin. I build an app today that I think is cool and that I am proud of. Bitzio gives me the opportunity to in return go to all of my friends and contacts and share this app. Now 15 people have been exposed. From there, those individuals like the idea and build an app and show it to their 10 friends. Now Bitzio has 150 apps in the market and so on and so forth.

Where is the profits for Bitzo though? How is Bitzio making their revenues? This is designed for the "consumers" to build the apps but more importantly for the reach. As the apps are being built the profits come in smaller amounts in the form of advertising, but even more than that the profits there they reside in the data! We are in the age of technology and information. You may wonder how information that Bitzio is collecting could be so valuable... Lets put it like this, if we were to take a large scale company like Amazon for example, if Amazon wanted to do a marketing campaign they would basically market to 10 million people (used for #'s sake). Now Amazon takes a ton of money and throws it at those 10 million consumers with their eyes closed. What happens if only 1% are interested in that particular product? Amazon might as well have wiped their butts with hundred dollar bills, but what if out of those 10 million people that were marketed to, 9 million of them were interested in the product? Now we are talking, and there comes the Gold right down the hill. The profits are in the need for consumer data and it is almost priceless in today's day and age.

As the entry level designer is working with the apps, the necessary information is being recorded and valuable data is being sorted while in an addition the product adds are running advertisements. We have created a community of end users that in some forms as that data is coming in the check boxes start getting clicked. Lets take a look at Facebook for example, they have 800 million users and were just valued at over 100 billion. That is a crazy multiple of revenue to end users, you see - these company's in the business of information are looked at for the value of the lifetime of the consumer data. If someone likes poodles today, does that mean they will like poodles in 5 years? probably...

View the current chart for Bitzio inc Ticker BTZO: click here

To hear our live weekly radio station check out this link: click here

Listen to the radio show above to get an inside look at Bitzio, Ticker BTZO!


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Market Update | Investors Hangout Interview Episode 11

Market Update On World Economics

Come to Stock Legends Radio for the best market update on Wall Street

Are You Keeping Up With The World Stock Markets through a Market update?

Stock Legends Has The Best In Depth Market Update Radio Show

market update


Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

March 27, 2012


Market Update

  • Oil Insider Warns Of $5.00 Gas

  • Moody Downgrades 9 Nations

  • AIG Beats The Taxman

  • Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry

  • Corzine Leaves Smoking Gun

  • Student Load Deficit Reaches 1 Trillion Dollars

Listen to our live weekly radio show here: click


There is so much going on the the world today, it is almost a full time job keeping up with what is the latest and greatest thing as the days go past. At Stock Legends we not only have our ears to the street to make sure we are bringing you the very best and most up to date information and market update, but we stay away from the everyday vial of the mainstream media, our market updates are never tainted. A majority of the population turns to large scale news sources for their market updates and global economics and more times then not they receive hand picked topics that may not be the most important topics on the table. Our market update is cut raw with the most up to date information available at that particular time.

When we listen to the Federal Reserve, Bernanke, politicians, and public figures alike speak about current issues more times then not we are floored with some of the content that is spewed into the general populations ears. This weeks market update topics cover everything from Moody downgrading a huge amount of nations and turning their credit rating to a less than positive outlook, all the way through to the President of MF Global John Corzine and his court appearances in regards to the monstrous amount of money that the tooth fairy supposedly flew away with in the middle of the night.

Where is the economy currently heading? One would think that it is all good right? Where do you go for your market update? The stock market is up, people are happy, but at Stock Legends we feel that there may be a handful of underlying issues, that could potentially jump up and bite the average person who does not seek the truth directly in the rear.This is why we bring you the rawest and most up to date market update on Wall Street. Not to be a doom and gloom or A fear mongol by any means, As long as the markets are strong I can continue to sleep on a plush mattress. Are your investments safe though? The Stock Legends Team commits our industry knowledge and experience to our everyday listeners through our market update segments of the show. If you remember back before the last market collapse we were coming off of a large scale bull run, which most would refer to as a bubble. Then what happened? The bubble popped and everyone free feel into financial chaos until their investment accounts were bled down to the very last molecule, wish you had a market update then huh? We are not saying that the particular situation is going to happen again, but I know that if things are shaky I am going to be on the search for information. Knowledge is power, always remember that.

There is always a risk in things going wrong when you are investing, but keeping your ear to the street with Stock Legends radio and our market update you will have a much better understanding of the global economy and overall potential risk overall.

It is very interesting for us here at Stock Legends to see John Corzine on the stands knowing that he is a big time Goldman Sachs guy, with ties to politicians and the apple tree of the U.S. Is there a point in time where someone becomes too connected? Can anyone gain invisibility? We demand answers, there are hard working people that have been aggressively taken advantage of and deserve the most up to date info in the market update. Over 1 billion dollars, and that is a ton of money, well Mr Corzine, you have won a few spot on the next few market update segments, congrads. What happens when banks and government become Siamese twins? Anyone have a pair of scissors?

Get ready for an exciting episode of Stock Legends Radio with QuickDraw and Matt Chart! Listen to the intense market update above, Stay tuned for more future radio shows and market updates by signing up to our email list also.

Hear our live radio show here every Monday: click here


Special Guest:


market update picture



We were very excited to have David the founder and owner of Investors Hangout on the Stock Legends Radio Show after our market update. Investors hangout is an up to date complete investor portal with over 19,000 current stock boards and in a very short period of time is already well over 2,000 members! When you are investing it is important to have a place to go and be able to focus on what is important and that is what stocks you are trading, where your money is going, and the trend of the market. At Investors Hangout you have the opportunity to be able to discuss and analyze thousands of stocks on public message boards with thousands of other traders. If you are currently in a trade you can easily go to one of the many custom boards and look for information and due diligence that significantly cut your research time, as part of our market update on Stock Legends radio we will provide the big buzz stocks from the Investors Hangout message boards. Avenues like the Investors Hangout Portal and Stock Legends market update will ensure that you have the most current information in the market.

Where many of the other stock boards and chat rooms are charging large amounts of money to become part of their community, David at Investors Hangout decided to give back to the community that he loves and he decided to waive memberships fees to his website. 100% free for both investors and investor relations companies! This is an amazing gift for all of us traders, a resource like this can literally be priceless in the right situation. We want to be sure that as part of our future market updates we recommend all investors to go to Investors Hangout for the extreme value.

Find out who the best traders are, follow them, email them, become part of a team of traders all searching for the same final outcome... Profits! Once you develop a following you will have the ability on Investors Hangout to create your own stock board, other traders can come over and post and sign up for your board email alerts. At Investors Hangout if you have a message that you would like to present to your own community of followers you can send the email list for the board an email and keep them up to date.

For the active traders, don't worry know one forgot about you.. Take advantage of custom watch lists, video charts, hot stocks, trading education, and full access to NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC, and Pink Sheet message boards! Get up to date information from these boards with live traders and non mainstream media like our market update to ensure that you have received a heads up on all OTC and big boards related discussions.

If you are an active trader, this is the place to be.. If you have not checked out Investors Hangout yet we suggest that you stop by and check it out, it is a great community. We will be staying in touch with David and the Investors Hangout Team and inviting them back on the radio show for a future market update release.

Visit the Investors Hangout community: click here

Feel Free To Post Comment Below

For the very best up to date market update and exclusive interviews like this one with Investors Hangout be sure to visit our radio show page and sign up for emails now!

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Guitammer Company Interview | Episode 10

Guitammer Company | Buttkicker Products Ceo interview GTMM

Guitammer Company Ceo Appears On Stock Legends Radio Episode 10

The Buttkicker Makes Waves For Guitammer Company

Guitammer Company

Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

March 28, 21012


View the Guitammer Research Report Here: Click


We were excited to have Mark Luden the Ceo of The Guitammer Company on our radio show today to talk their exciting product called The Buttkicker low frequency transducer and more importantly their patented technology. There is a huge desire for more and more up to date technology and technological advancements as the years go by, Guitammer Company saw this and put together a strategy to corner and patent a fresh market niche. I remember when the computer weighted 80 pounds and the Nintendo shook the airwaves. Those days have flown by at the speed of sound, and today we are here talking about the patent of 4D technology.

When a person is born they are gifted with a variety of senses that enable them to hear, see, smell, and feel the world around them. The more of the senses that you can enable when partaking in something the more interesting and lifelike it becomes. The Guitammer Companies ButtKicker low frequency transducer is an award winning sound producer that gives the end user the opportunity to feel the movie, game, TV etc in real time, Guitammer introduces the next sense to hit entertainment! Not to mention the patent for the transmission of the technology!

There are already some major company's buying into the ButtKciker product line, some of which are Imax, Comcast, The Kennedy Space Center and many other well known names. This product has been tested in race cars, in arena football stadiums, and the crowd reaction was unbelievable. Imagine having the technology to actually feel the hits on the field or when a hockey player hits the walls. Technology is moving and advancing at a such rapid rate that 4D technology is actually here and Guitammer Company has it!

Now that we spoke about their product and what potential capabilities it has, lets talk about their new patented broad cast technology that they have. Guitammer Company owns the patent for the transfer of data that controls this 4D technology! This means that any cable company, video game designer, stadium etc that wants to have and utilize this technology has to transfer the data based on this patent that Guitammer owns!

This is very interesting and really the sky is the possibility here, make sure you tune into this interview above. To ensure that you are getting the best stock picks, research, and analysis moving forward on stocks like Guitammer Company be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well!

The current stock chart for Guitammer Company Ticker GTMM: click now


Let us know your thoughts - Leave comment below!

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Stock Market News Radio Homepage

Get The Latest Stock Market News On Stock Legends Radio!

Stock Market News Radio

"Stock Market News, Hot Stocks, Ceo Interviews, And World Economics"


Stock Legends Radio Episode 27



Host: QuickDraw



Johnny Seville

Acorn Wealth Corp

Master Trader And Technical Coach



Trading Rules To Live By

7 Step Checklist For Success

Making Money from All Sides Of The Market

Common Mistakes Made By New Traders

Knowledge Going Cold Is Your Bank Going Broke

Secrets That The Top 10% Know But Won’t Tell

Making Daily Bread With A Cruise Control Trading System


“John is the President and head coach of The Acorn Wealth Corporation. John grew up in a family very much involved in the mining arena that spent a great deal of time discussing fundamentals and stocks over the dinner table. John became exposed at an early age to the stock market and would watch the massive rise and falls of many of the mining companies he was observing. It became evident at this point that despite fundamental research there were terrific moves in stocks prices both up and down that the fundamentals didn’t seem to be able to account for. Since then John has spent the last 11 years mastering the art of technical analysis as a method of finding trading opportunities in the North American equity markets. Using such techniques John and the other Senior Acorn Coaches were able to identify exit points on the market prior to the crash in June 2008, again in April 2010 and most recently in September 2012. Acorn Wealth Corporation opened in 2007 to become one of the few places where students could go to learn such techniques from one of their one on one mentors."


Stock Legends Radio Every Monday At 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time Here!

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Welcome to The Stock Legends Radio Show! We are the go to, one of a kind source for the most current stock market news, economic analysis, financial research and information on the web! At Stock Legends Radio we take pride in giving our listeners the inside scoop and headliners away from the grasp of the everyday mainstream media. The shows hosts QuickDraw and Matt_Chart will take you on a wild ride and fill you with stock tips, education, and not the convoluted truths that you will hear from the your favorite TV stock market news portal.

Do you trade the small or micro cap market? Then you will appreciate our exclusive Ceo interviews from the hottest undervalued stocks! We are used as a portal often for public companies to release their best stock market news! When you listen or watch to stock market news through one of the mainstream media portals, you may not think of it but most of the content that you are receiving is filtered. At Stock Legends Radio we will bring you the inside scoop, find out what is really going on, not what you hear from your other stock market news portals. Matt_Chart our technical analyst will point out both technical and economic factors that may dictate your current investment positions. More times then not these indications will be accompanied by a custom report that will be stored in the reports tab above. These reports are a mix of stock market news headlines, technical indicators, and fundamentals. Matt_Chart has years of technical and economic experience and is one of the most educated and consistent technical analysts in the business.

Whether you trade the OTC, NASDAQ, Options, or Commodities you will find your go to place for updates on all aspects of the market and breaking stock market news. The Stock Legends Team has been on the front end of identifying subjects that many of main stream media avenues did not pick up and probably could not even understand. We covered rehypothecation and the impact it was having before there were any available searches on the subject through any stock market news or coverage rescource. When the MF Global debacle first hit the airwaves Matt_Chart pointed out that he felt MF Global was going to run and hide behind the rehypothecation rule for non institutional broker/dealers.

The underlying point is that the Stock Legends team doesn't bring you the jump on the bandwagon stock market news, our stock market news updates, analysis, and topics and dragged out of the depths of the darkest corners in the investment market to ensure that you are getting the very best content and information. This will put you ahead of the pack in the race to success and overall minimized risk.If you trade in the OTC we have exclusive Ceo interviews usually once or twice per week with the Ceo's of undiscovered undervalued OTC market companies! Get the quality information that you want and need fast and direct through our stock market news radio show.

Get there first, wait for the pack to show up and profit off of your trades. When listening to a Ceo interview you have the opportunity to get a feeling for the company, feel the passion or lack of behind the management of the company. See how the Ceo reacts to tough questions. All of these factors can be a great tool in any research phase of your analysis. Often making a large investment in a public company, especially Pinks and OTC is similar to buying a used vehicle without knowing how many miles it has or even what color it is.

The professionals at Stock Legends spend our days doing research and perfecting techniques to supply you with all of the tool that you will need to be personally successful! As you grow, we grow and we want to see each and every one of our listeners succeed and learn in the process. Have a topic that you would like us to cover on a stock market news story? How about a technical or global economic topic? We would be more than happy to cover topics on request and give you our personal outlook and professional opinions. Simply post on the blog below and we will respond and prepare our research as long as it is a valid and relevant subject. Do you have some tips, stock market news, or analysis that you want us to put up on our site? Excellent! Contact the Stock Legends Team through the contact us tab!

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Bernanke | Penny Stock Tweets - Episode 9

Bernanke Topics | Penny Stock Tweets Episode 9

Ben Bernanke | Penny Stock Tweets On Episode 9 Of Stock Legends Radio


Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart








Does Ben Bernanke Have A Master Plan For Us?

Ben Bernanke Bio Can Be Found Here: click

What is the master plan in the printing brain of Bernanke? Is Bernanke giving away the farm? At Stock Legends we keep our ears close to the street on the press conferences and manipulation in the value of the US dollar and magic tricks of the Federal Reserve and Bernanke. Bernanke says there is no QE3.. What is the definition of QE3 then Mr. Bernanke? Inflating the US balance sheets and devaluing the US dollar. So why would Bernanke say that there is no QE3? Let us call a spade a spade.. Bernanke feels he can mislead the people of the US by changing the names of terms to avoid the reaction of mob mentality. At Stock Legends we are scared of the hyper inflated US dollar and the irresponsible actions of Bernanke and the Federal Reserve.

What would happen if one day a loaf of bread costs $1,000 dollars? Change your diet to meat? Unfortunately the issue is far deeper than this. As Bernanke turns on the printing press as if the sand in the hour glass is running out of time. Bernanke has been under fire as the people of the United States leave the realm of mainstream media for their vast thirst for knowledge. How much money can Bernanke really print? We see no end in sight, the main issue with what Obama and Bernanke are doing is that damage is being done that will literally take generations to fix. It is ironic that Bernanke and the Federal Reserves actions come as the Mayan Calendar comes to an end.. Believe in prophecy? Are you here because you are searching for the truth? Well we are happy to tell you that the Stock Legends family has Bernanke under a magnifying glass, we watch every move, every convoluted false truth and put it on the table for all to see.

We watch as the international banking systems balance like a Frisbee on a stick with anxiety stricken eyes and a slow recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. As citizens we know that the time will come when we will be forced to pay our debts but exactly when will it be? We watch Bernanke speak in press conferences using mob mentality as a tool for understanding and manipulation. The Stock Legends Team is afraid that the actions of Bernanke and the international global banking systems, situations in Europe, and other factors could speed up the length in time it takes us to pay up on our printing press issues. With the amount of U.S currency Bernanke has put into the world we are afraid what will happen when things start to come to fruition.

Recent headlines explained how Bernanke and the Fed purchased $2 Trillion dollars in bonds with hopes of pushing the interest rates lower for a longer period of time. This was sparked to encourage an increase in lending and borrowing says Bernanke. When you look at the big picture of the fed and Bernanke though you have to ask yourself if Bernanke is making the right decisions. Is this going to be a safe bet in our current position or is Bernanke just hitting the roulette table one more time before calling it a day. In a recent interview Bernanke stated that academic research is currently being conducted to help us prepare for the "future banking crisis". So a leverage against 2 trillion in bonds is the answer? With a 14+ trillion dollar deficit is this what the country really needs to brace ourselves? We hope Bernanke has a royal flush in his hands but no one knows..

We hope that on a nice sunny evening one day in the very close future someone with the right amount of power and influence will confront Bernanke and hold him and the Federal Reserve accountable. How can one person like Bernanke really dictate the future of our beautiful country but printing our cash and devaluing the money we have all worked for?

Special Guest:

penny stock tweets logo nilbud and lesley


Photo Chick & Nilbud from Penny Stock Tweets


The Stock Legends Team had the pleasure of having Penny Stock Tweets on as our special guests on this episode. The aggressive business strategy and much needed investor tool known as Penny Stock Tweets has taken off at a pace that many traders in the community we not expecting. As the years have gone by we have seen the numbers of people that sit down and read the daily newspaper decline, more and more people are turning to the internet and social media for the most up to date unbiased information.

We have entered the realm of the information generation! As an investor to maintain the competitive edge you will also need to improve your strategy's. I'm sure you have heard the phrase "Knowledge is power". This holds true more in the investing community then anywhere else.

As a trader I watched and witnessed at Twitter took hold of the investment community, this was a superb tool to build a solid base of followers. What happened over the last year though? The answer is actually pretty simple. Twitter was over exposed, people took the technology and created bots, and the front line quality of accessible information declined rapidly. Now when I log into my Twitter account in the morning I am bombarded with one robot spam message after the other. Everything from real estate, to free ipads and so on.

As a trader this takes the benefits out of being able to use Twitter as an avenue to stay connected to a direct audience. Penny Stock Tweets has developed this new platform that is For Traders and By Traders! The community has exploded onto the scene with already well over 2,000 stock investors using it as a tool for discussing their stocks and benefits. This directly adds the value back into this under utilized tool!

As an addition there are many other tools that can be utilized such as watch lists, and a visual buzz cloud that is presented by visual bars, the ability to message and follow investors that you like. This is an easy to use platform that everyone can utilize. One of the great tools that Penny Stock Tweets has is the option to distribute your post to Investorshub, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms.

Promoters have the ability for the first time ever to add their own business disclaimer to their Twitter and social media posts to ensure that they are withing the SEC guidelines. Add videos, stock charts, and other visual aids to your posts. Really have the chance to follow captivate the people and investors that are following your posts.

Visit Penny Stock Tweets Now: click

Listen to the interview above for the full scoop! For other hot topics like Bernanke and special guests like Penny Stock Tweets sign up now for email alerts!

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Chris Camillo Interview Episode 8 Stock Legends Radio

Chris Camillo Interview Episode 8

Chris Camillo | "Laughing At Wall Street" On Stock Legends Radio


December 12, 1012

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  • Which Country Has Nearly 1000% Debt of GDP?
  • The Future Of The Euro
  • Rehypothecation - Anyone know what this word means?
  • MF Global ~ Corzine Testimony

Special Guest:

Chris Camillo

  • Author - "Laughing At Wallstreet"


chris camillo

Chris Camillo Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing

Chris Camillo is literally making huge profits while laughing at wall street. Find out why Chris Camillo is laughing at wall street in this radio episode. With a Peter Lynch style trading strategy Chris Camillo has found a way to bank serious profits off of the average everyday news headlines. More often that not there are trends or breakouts in the headlines or in mainstream media that are hidden under the coverl. Chris has found a way to bring these profit opportunities to the front row seat where investors can learn, adapt, and profit.

If you are looking for a trading strategy that is a little bit more unorthodox than this episode is one that you will really enjoy. As a trader, it is great to always be searching out new strategy's. As Chris realized all of the research and due diligence in most cases is a ton of time that is not necessarily needed to bring in the green. Chris Camillo explains a situation where he was in the back of target, sitting in a lawn chair with a line out the door to buy a furniture line that was newly released. Chris Camillo sat in his lawn chair, leveraged a huge option on the stock and watched as his profits skyrocketed over the coming week.

What makes Chris Camillo different than the average trader? Can you trade like Chris? Actually it is much easier than it sounds. This strategy is based off of common sense and enjoying your life. Want to be lazy and make fat profits? Chris started investing as a young child, his brother was a stock broker and his philosophy as always been the same. He uses strengths in companies that are seen in everyday life then turns around and profits off of the obvious. This ability to recognize things has pushed him to pursue his life career off of recognizing trends through information arbitrage.

By utilizing this method Chris is able to identify and take advantage of these trends before Wall Street even catches on. His investing methodology is pure information arbitrage meaning that there is no technical or fundamental work going into the investment. The information used in this strategy would have to be strong enough to really move the stock and push through those forms of analysis. Think about how the market reacts when a company's financials come out. The market reacts as a whole and at that precise moment so you are technically starting a race against everyone simultaneously.

Chris gives some examples of how he has utilized this trading strategy in the past and what his plans are for assembling investors to share his passion and information.

View Chris Camillo's website: click

If you want to hear more exclusive interviews like this one with Chris Camillo please sign up for Stock Legends email alerts now!


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Currency Wars | Episode 7

Currency Wars | Special Guest From Episode 7

November 29, 2011

Currency Wars Exposed | Thomas Allen Of | Episode 7



QuickDraw & Matt_Chart


Black Friday Violence
MF Global ~ What does this mean for you?
Britain ~ Publicly warns people of looming collapse
Venezuela Forces Physical Delivery of gold
International Currency Wars
Russia beefs up Gold Reserves Huge In Oct
Goldman Explains What Super Committee Failure Means

currency wars around the world

Currency Wars - The Modern Day Invasion


Currency wars are the modern day invasion into the leveraging and de leveraging of a country's value. There is a war going on that the average person does not realize, these wars are called currency wars. This is when a country aims to achieve lower exchange rates for their own country. These wars go on under the eyes of the modern individual. This is the most modern warfare, there are currency wars going on now. A global game of chess, the winner is able to lower export revenues of competing nations and they are able to prop up their own currency.

As currency wars go on unfortunately this global game of tug of war often comes at the expense of the citizens of the countries involved. As the value and devalue of currencies take place the sea saw of prices and costs of goods for the countries can be drastically effected. There is really no way for the average citizen to prevent a currency wars from taking place. They are just a pawn on the ultimate chess board. Is your country a part of the latest currency wars?

There are many currency wars taking place currently and many that have passed. There are numerous weapons that take part in the currency wars today which is the devaluing of a competitive countries currency. We have seen currency wars take place dating all the way back to the depression and are taking place as we speak. Some of the addition weapons that are utilized in these currency wars are physical metals both Gold, and Silver.

There are many economists that favor the idea of a gold back currency. This would prevent countries from partaking in currency wars. Most economists will agree that currency wars could very well be one of the most feared attached these days and it is done under the cover of darkness backed by an invisible army.

When a currency war takes place who typically loses? I suppose it depends on the side of the fence that you are on but we think the big losers are the physical metals. As part of the currency wars the prices of physical metals will be pushed and often times it not favor of the physical metal investor. The less valuable gold and silver is the more valuable currency is. Hence the reason behind its value.

As dollars get printed at the speed of light and large countries fail and have the potential to get pushed out of their own currency's it is imperative that there is a light shined on this aspect of modern warfare. In the U.S. we see the Federal Reserve printing money at an alarming rate and taking risky bets to help stable our current position. The problem is that it becomes very difficult to maintain a value to something that is being so overly mass produced, like the U.S. Dollar.

Where these currency wars will take the future of the global economy it is tough to say. It is important to follow up on and learn about currency wars and you will get an understanding of the modern game of international tug of war that is taking place.

For more articles like this one on Currency wars listen to our weekly radio show: Click Here


Special Guest:

Traddr company logo investing


Thomas Allen

Vice President

To visit Traddr go here: click

To visit Premiere Trader go here: click


Traddr is a social networking community for traders from all aspects of the stock market. I was a pleasure having Thomas Allen the Vice President of Traddr on our show. The website was started in early 2009 and was designed as a place for all traders to gather and pass research and due diligence. Once you are on the website you will find people posting, video charts, technical analysis, and various groups.

If you are a swing trader you could easily find a swing trading group that you can stay up to date with and be a part of. As part of the Traddr tradition if a poster puts together an in depth piece of research like a report or a video Traddr will take the material and "sponsor it" by sending it out to the complete list of Traddr members. As part of the setup with an account on the website you will be given your own page. This is a place on the website for you to be able to maintain a personal following for your research or investment ideas.

On Traddr you will find investors from all segments of the market and skill sets. If you find an investor that has a strategy that you like, you can actually subscribe to that members rss. This means that all of that investors activity will be streamed to you so you can ensure that you are receiving every one of their updates. There are multiple places on the site that you can set up an rss feed and link yourself directly to many additional avenues of social networking.

As an addition Thomas Allen has a stock chat room that was built in 1999, it is a MIRC based chat room that caters to big board day traders and is called Premiere Trader. This is an intense chat room and probably one of the best that I have seen. This room is filled with very experienced traders that are day trading with large scale trading accounts on the fly. If you are a big board trader this is a must visit chat room and community. It is free and always will be, this is a great group of experienced traders and a profitable network and community.

To hear exclusive shows on topics like currency wars and guests like make sure you are receiving out newsletters! Now are you aware of currency wars?

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Garza Bio Med Reports | The Yak Episode 5

M.E. Garza Bio Med Reports | The Yak On Stock Legends Radio Episode 5

October 25, 2011 M.E. Garza And The Yak Episode 5


Be sure to visit our reports tab as some show information

has detailed analysis in that section: click


Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart


  • Market Update
  • Protesters Arrested In New York For Attempting To Close Bank Accounts
  • Global Debt Clock Placed
  • Potential Of OTC Market Volume Expanding In Future

Garza Header

Garza Picture

M.E. Garza

Garza Appears On Stock Legends Radio For Bio Med Reports Interview

M.E. Garza is the Co-Founder of A two-time Emmy nominated television producer and entrepreneur. M.E. Garza's background in media, writing, marketing and public affairs has allowed him to lead and establish various companies in the broadband, entertainment and communications field. He resides in Los Angeles and his passion is tracking the latest advances in biotechnology. Garza is a constant student of the market who believes that the biotech sector is completely unique and dynamic sector- where everything from research to financial models and the rules for market analysis from other sectors just don't apply. Garza hopes to help guide Bio Med Reports into a leading publication that will help investors realize the potential of this revolution in finance and science, while shining the spotlight on companies that are attempting to change our lives in so many beneficial ways. Garza is always on the quest to find the next undervalued trading opportunity. With as many years experience as Garza has in the industry it is easy to tell why his followers are such a loyal base of followers.

M.E. Garza believes that the best way to profit off of Bio stocks it to pay attention to the FDA calander and also to go direct to the source for an interview or one on one discussion. Garza has a great reputation and enjoys contributing to the study and advancement of the sector that he follows.

Garza has found a way to maintain on the cutting edge of the bio sector and has a well known reputation for being one of the very best and most up to date sources of bio information available on the web. If you are interested in trading stocks in the bio sector then is a must see for you.

If you visit which is owned by M.E. Garza you will find a sector specific platform designed for the Bio investor specifically. This is a full Bio news portal that has complete Bio Sector reports, news, technical analysis, and highlights on emerging stocks. As an addition you will find one of the most up to date FDA calendars in the market and additional invaluable Bio sector research and due diligence.

There is also a section on the website that is titled "articles" that is located in the header of the website. If you go there you will find in depth Bio Sector research that is conducted by advanced traders worldwide and posted. Garza said that this can easily be one of the greatest tools on Bio Med Reports website. Garza understands the kind of research that needs to be conducted before making an intelligent large scale investment in one of the hot bio stocks.

Listen above for the exclusive interview with M.E Garza of Bio Med Reports

Click now to visit the website: click




Special Guest:

The Yak

The Yak is a very well known trader and has a vast experience in all aspects of the market. Some of you may know The Yak as the Moderator of the Scalp, Swing, Straddle board on Investors Hub. He is also the inventor and owner of The Yak Scan and involved with a proprietary trading firm. The Yak is one of the most well versed and educated traders in the marketplace. He spends his days training entry level traders all the way up to seasoned professional traders.

The Yak assists traders in becoming the very best traders in today's market place by offering a series of in depth and sophisticated day trading courses. Also the trades that are involved in The Yaks program will receive the benefits of perfectly timed entry and exit position suggestions. The ability to follow The Yak with live trading during the day, also the day traders will have the ability to ask The Yak questions during the trading day.

The Yak and his day trading courses with teach you effective trading methods, fast decision making, and the complete formula to become a pro day trader. If you are a big board trader and you are looking for a place to go and sharpen the skills that you already have, or if you are looking to learn how to day trade as a beginner, The Yak is one of the absolutely best traders in the industry.

If you exclusive interviews like the one's here with M.E. Garza from Bio Med Reports, or The Yak be sure to sign up for our newsletter to ensure you don't miss future episodes!

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NEIK Northstar Electronics | Episode 4

NEIK Speaks Of Future Strategy's For Expansion

Wilson Russell Ceo Of NEIK Northstar Electronics Interview

October 20, 2011


Host: QuickDraw007

Special Guest: Wilson Russell

To listen to Stock Legends Radio Live On Mondays: click


NEIK Northstar Electronics |Ready To Conquer New Market Direction


Wilson Russell

Ceo Of NEIK Northstar Electronics

NorthStar Resources is owned and operated by Ceo Wilson Russell phd. Northstar has a very optimistic future due to the fact that they have had a very long relationship with Lockheed Martin. With areas of interest in aerospace, marine, and homeland security Northstar Electronics has multiple opportunities for advancement. NEIK has an affiliate network in access of 2,000 highly trained professionals.

NEIK has had a longstanding relationship with well known powerhouse Lockheed Martin. Also NEIK has non cancelable contracts valued in the high millions that will surely be able to propel NEIK and their investors into long term large scale profits. Wilson Russell of NEIK has a PHD and a background in defense technologies. We have always been a big believer of investing in the jockey not just the horse. In this situation we feel that Wilson Russell of NEIK has a vast variety of skills that he can use to push NEIK forward and into the profit zone.

Before the war started Northstar Electronics was granted a large homeland defense contract from Lockheed Martin, after the war started President Bush decided to move the funding for this operation from homeland security to assist in efforts overseas and the contracts were voided.

Wilson Russell and NEIK were faced with a last minute decision to be able to adapt and overcome. Northstar Electronics reacted promptly to the change in the industry and were able to find a new niche market. They were also able to go back to Lockheed Martin and find a fit for some non cancel able helicopter contracts that would provide Northstar Electronics with a new avenue for profits and future growth. In business there are always roadblocks, but the way a company decides to adapt and overcome really determines what kind of outfit they are.

At Stock Legends we feel that the time will surely come in the short term for ticker NEIK to really show the investors how their strategy will pay out in the long term. The Ceo of Northstar Electronics Wilson Russell has a PHD and is very experienced for the position and implements and aggressive strategy. The ability to juggle negative situations and make them a success is a factor that we feel the investors should take into deep consideration. More times than not even if the company is well prepared for aggressive business the Ceo may not be. The company can only ever become as strong as their leader, that's why the Stock Legends Team would rather bet on the jockey than the horse! Wilson Russell of Northstar Electronics has already been tried and tested and in my opinion is good to go forward with their market strategy.

Northstar Electronics NEIK Company Website: click

At Stock Legends we feel that Ticker NEIK has the right tools in their arsenal to be able to continue to grow their business and in return reward investors both long and short term.


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APII Action Products Interview Gary Polistena

APII Action Products International Interview | Episode 3

Ticker APII Exclusive Ceo Interview with Gary Polistena

October 10, 2011

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APII Has Potential Strategic Relations That Will Propel Them

Action Products International APII Ceo Gary Polistena came on The Stock Legends Radio Show to speak directly to his investor community. Mr. Polestena of APII is a former Marine and has in depth experience in leadership and accountability. He received an honorable discharge from the Marines and remained within the telecommunications field. He was the manager for numerous large scale projects involving well known wireless carriers and has the skill set and ability's to operate Action Products APII as a fine tuned machine.

When we look at a company like APII there are many aspects that The Stock Legends Team will look for, our very first step is to understand the management. This includes their past, background, and skill set, with this being said we are very confident in the ability's of Gary Polistena to take Action Products to the next level in the short and long term.

Action Products International is currently being traded on the pink sheets and currently operates two subsidiarys; CoreWafer and North East Expedite Logistics. Core Wafers builds advanced test solutions that are used for engineering and manufacturing. The technology double checks manufacturing and ensures that the end product is being built correctly. North East Logistcs the second subsidiary under the APII umbrella provides transporation and logistics services to business that are situated on the East coast. They have a strong book of business that currently brins the company in access of 2 million dollars annually.

Action Products has performed in a variety of different business's from distribution of toys and childrens books to their modern day manufacturing direction. Action Products has done an excellent job creating quality strategic relationships that allow them to continue to grow and excell with their business operations. Action Products has taken full advantage of their reach and potential relationships, they have been entertaining international business and actually had the Senior Deligates from Bangladesh come into town and speak with them in NY.

We feel that APII has al of the right tools for an optomistic future outlook and we are eagerly awaiting future updates from the company. The acquisitions, global attention, and strategic relationships have been great to watch and te possibility's are as clear as day!

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Bob Chapman Interview | Episode 2

Bob Chapman Radio Interview

Bob Chapman Speaks About Government Manipulation And Outside Control

October 3, 2011

Host: QuickDraw & Matt Chart


bob chapman

Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman Tells Stock Legends Radio How It Really Is

Bob Chapman is a leader in the quest for knowledge away from the mainstream media. Bob Chapman is 72 years old and has seen it all and done most. Bob Chapman was born and raised in Boston Mass where he went to college for business management. This is where he was able to hone his skills and start a long life in the search for the truth. Bob Chapman spent 28 years as a stock broker and eventually ran one of the largest gold and silver brokerages in the country. Bob Chapman had a staggering 6,000 plus clients when he retired.

Way back in 1967 Bob Chapman started writing economic articles on world economics and current events. He found that people read his material and were able to identify the true value in what he was teaching. Bob Chapman later owned and operated the Gary Allen report which was built upwards of 30,000 plus subscribers.

Since 1976 Bob has given world wide workshops over 200 times and has a fond following on both tv and radio. Bob is a go to source for up to date behind the scene information and resources. You can visit Bob Chapman and see his website by clicking the link below his picture. If you are looking for some edgy and accurate world economics information then you will love listening to Bob Chapman and his market opinions.

Be sure to listen to Stock Legends Radio Live Here: click

Visit Bobs Website: click here


Author James Timothy White

Following my passion for making a deal, I founded several successful businesses across several different industries including construction, real-estate development and management, coaching, motivational speaking, investment banking, corporate compliance, call centers, magazine publishing and distribution,direct mail marketing, advertising – the list goes on.

My unique and diverse career andlife path are direct reflections of my passions. I believe that having such an abundant variety of business-related experiences, dependable friends and abundant business associates to pull from allows me to translate those experiences into valuable knowledge and perspectives and those contacts into useful partnerships.

It is my desire is to help you Own Your Power™ through motivation, business consulting and througharticles and reviews posted by me and my team of dedicated writers whether you are interested in starting your own small business, lifestyle, great travel spots, or stock market opinions and updates – it’s all here. I also have several books available geared toward assisting you reach your financial goals, and abstract art to help inspire creativity.

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Episode 1 - Master Of The Stock Boards

Stock Legends Radio Episode 1 ~ Sept, 26 2011




Traders Talk

Market Update

QuickDraw, Matt Chart, Stock Sumo

Manic Trader & StocksDiva *

Guru Trader (Pat) *

Cifikea, BuyItTradeIt, Chasing Stars

SmarTrader, Matt_Chart

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