Bitzio Inc. BTZO Ceo Interview - Episode 12

Bitzio Inc Ceo Interview Ticker BTZO Stock Market Radio

Stock Legends Radio Episode 12 - Bitzio Inc Ticker BTZO

Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

March 29, 2012


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Inside Look At Bitzio Inc


The Stock Legends Radio Show had William Schonbrun the Ceo of Bitzio Inc Ticker BTZO currently being traded on the OTC. William has a 20 year background in the marketing industry and is extremely familiar with the social media and mobile marketing. He thought of the market as a whole and realized during his years in the industry that the marketing and mobile marketing as a whole was missing the bus on a particular aspect, and Bitzio was born. The marketing end was there, the programming end was there, but what was missing was a community where the two formed a synergy together. What he decided to do with Bitzio was to create this missing community that would serve everyone from the hardcore developer, beginner, all the way to the end consumer.

Bitzio inc had the idea to design this community, teach entry level developers, help them market and reach a direct audience end user. Most of the larger app developers cater to the really experienced developers high level apps. This leaves a gap in the system for the rest of the community, Bitzio realized that trying to get an app developed on a large scale is not only difficult but nearly impossible. Bitzio has created the environment that allows an individual to build an app, test it, and then turn around to their own personal network of friends and business professionals.

What could be more exciting then creating your own app and being able to give it out to all of your friends? Bitzio has cornered this particular niche market that until they entered the market space did not exist. Bitzio not only assists the programmers in marketing the end product, but they give the entry to experienced level developer the tools needed to maximize and create a top quality mobile app.

The way the Bitzio system works is similar to someone getting the flu at a bus statioin. I build an app today that I think is cool and that I am proud of. Bitzio gives me the opportunity to in return go to all of my friends and contacts and share this app. Now 15 people have been exposed. From there, those individuals like the idea and build an app and show it to their 10 friends. Now Bitzio has 150 apps in the market and so on and so forth.

Where is the profits for Bitzo though? How is Bitzio making their revenues? This is designed for the "consumers" to build the apps but more importantly for the reach. As the apps are being built the profits come in smaller amounts in the form of advertising, but even more than that the profits there they reside in the data! We are in the age of technology and information. You may wonder how information that Bitzio is collecting could be so valuable... Lets put it like this, if we were to take a large scale company like Amazon for example, if Amazon wanted to do a marketing campaign they would basically market to 10 million people (used for #'s sake). Now Amazon takes a ton of money and throws it at those 10 million consumers with their eyes closed. What happens if only 1% are interested in that particular product? Amazon might as well have wiped their butts with hundred dollar bills, but what if out of those 10 million people that were marketed to, 9 million of them were interested in the product? Now we are talking, and there comes the Gold right down the hill. The profits are in the need for consumer data and it is almost priceless in today's day and age.

As the entry level designer is working with the apps, the necessary information is being recorded and valuable data is being sorted while in an addition the product adds are running advertisements. We have created a community of end users that in some forms as that data is coming in the check boxes start getting clicked. Lets take a look at Facebook for example, they have 800 million users and were just valued at over 100 billion. That is a crazy multiple of revenue to end users, you see - these company's in the business of information are looked at for the value of the lifetime of the consumer data. If someone likes poodles today, does that mean they will like poodles in 5 years? probably...

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