Bob Chapman Interview | Episode 2

Bob Chapman Theinternationalforcaster.com Radio Interview

Bob Chapman Speaks About Government Manipulation And Outside Control

October 3, 2011

Host: QuickDraw & Matt Chart


bob chapman

Bob Chapman


Bob Chapman Tells Stock Legends Radio How It Really Is

Bob Chapman is a leader in the quest for knowledge away from the mainstream media. Bob Chapman is 72 years old and has seen it all and done most. Bob Chapman was born and raised in Boston Mass where he went to college for business management. This is where he was able to hone his skills and start a long life in the search for the truth. Bob Chapman spent 28 years as a stock broker and eventually ran one of the largest gold and silver brokerages in the country. Bob Chapman had a staggering 6,000 plus clients when he retired.

Way back in 1967 Bob Chapman started writing economic articles on world economics and current events. He found that people read his material and were able to identify the true value in what he was teaching. Bob Chapman later owned and operated the Gary Allen report which was built upwards of 30,000 plus subscribers.

Since 1976 Bob has given world wide workshops over 200 times and has a fond following on both tv and radio. Bob is a go to source for up to date behind the scene information and resources. You can visit Bob Chapman and see his website by clicking the link below his picture. If you are looking for some edgy and accurate world economics information then you will love listening to Bob Chapman and his market opinions.

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