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Únor 6, 2012


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DIGX Dig It Underground Has The Rock Star Of The Art World David Garibaldi

DIGX Dig It Underground is an exciting company to the Stock Legends Team with loads of potential. Typically when investing in the OTC 9 krát z 10 you are hoping that someone will eventually notice the company that you are investing in and at that point you may turn a profitable investment. With DIGX the situation in a little bit different. DIGX has a very impressive lineup of talented artists including Michael Godard who is known as the rock star of the art world and single handedly sells more custom art work than anyone in the world!

DIGX is in the business of consumer products and currently sells prints, limited prints, additional licensing and art related apparel. They are currently based in Las Vegas which correlates in numerous pieces of their art work that are typically dice and margarita Vegas style art. When you view the artwork of Get Down Art you will notice some well known names from music and life in general like Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Elvis, and some other very cool well known figures.

DIGX is growing rapidly in the art community and is already an official Disney represented company and part of the Disney Fine Art Program. in addition to these capabilities DIGX is developed their own state of the art print system that is known as the just in time apparel manufacturing system. With their hands spreading strategically across many different niche markets and doing it successfully it is no wonder that the investors are lining up to by their shares in DIGX!

Having all of the skills in the world is great but if you have no way to distribute these skills or to reach your final target audience then you might as well not even have the skills to begin with. So what is DIGX doing to implement their distribution strategy? A recent release announced that they had opened a new account with Event Networks inc which owns and operated retail stores that are positioned in aquariums nationwide and in amount in the high hundreds! That is tackling a market opportunity if you ask me!

Founded just a few years ago back in 2007 it is truly amazing the amount of ground that DIGX has been able to cover in such a short period of time. With product lines stretching across books, apparel, limited editions, posters, vintage metals sings and on demand prints they have the segment covered from top to bottom. With their location it allows them to put together a strategic angle to approach the Vegas style vacationer also.

One of their main lines SinCityKitty is located in boutique stores directly on the strip in Las Vegas and as well as in the airports coming in and out of the city. DIGX states that these 14 locations well generate more than ten times the amount of retail sales volume as even a store located in the local mall. It is well thought out strategic positioning like this that at the end of the day separate the successful companies from the ones that will probably never make it.

With the rising star on their team David Garibaldi on their side the opportunity is almost endless. If you have not seem him in action we want you to take the opportunity to watch the videos below and get familiar with his work and skill set, it is truly amazing to watch.



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