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Dezember 7, 2011



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Ticker: KMAG

Risiko-Level: Medium

Volatilität: Medium

Liquiditätsniveau: Medium

Get ready for this bottom breakout stock alert ticker: KMAG. Right now the technicals could not be in a better place for some excellent profits! KMAG chart is coming off of a bottom and just starting to bounce. The technicals show that the chart is oversold and as volume picks up we are expecting a very nice breakout. KMA Global Solutions is involved in source tagging for retail stores and other businesses that require things to be inventoried.

When you take a look at a majority of the retail businesses that we see today in everyday retail situations it is a common assumption that each company is making profits hand over fist yet we miss the fact that in the U.S alone over 31 billion dollars annually is lost in retail settings due to shop lifting alone!( source:

Shoplifting is a big business for criminals in the U.S and a huge problem for a majority of the retail settings that literally watch their profits walk right out the door on a daily basis. KMAG Kma Glob al Solutions is a leader in the source tagging business and are positioned on the front lines of this everyday battle that is taking place. KMAG understands that in the security and packaging management business the battlefield is changing every day. To combat these rapid changes in the industry Kma Global Solutions is staying one step ahead of the pack and already designing the next step in RFID evolution which is the Dual Tag RFID.

The Ceo of KMAG Jeffrey Reid comes with an in depth background in the manufacturing segment and has been the active Ceo of KMAG since 1996. He came to the table fully equiped to run a successful business boasting 20 years of in depth experience in international manufacturing in China and North America. In addition to these skills Mr Reid previously owned a company by the name of Lux Trading Company within a similar segment. Mr Reid is of KMAG is well educated and currently holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor Ontario.

The actually term source tagging is derived from the fact that rather than clip a theft prevention device to the outside of the product it is actually hand planted inside of the tag or fabric of the product making it far more difficult to steal the product. Source tagging is far more labor intensive and requires a hands on team make the anti theft modifications but when put into perspective against the potential loses the numbers become miniscule. Guess where those prices typically roll down hill to anyways? You got it.. The end consumer. That $70.00 pair of jeans just got bumped to $75.oo. This is a problem on a large scale and the fact that source tagging is the preferred method these days puts the ultimate issue at hand into perspective.

KMAG is recognized as an industry leading establishment who has strategically positoined themselves into a few key area's for strategy and future growth.

  • Economical production capacity
  • Guaranteed never late delivery
  • Patented and patent pending status products

By having more of a diversified portfolio of revenue resources KMAG Kma Global Solutions has established a system so if one revenue source were to lose steam they could just tighten up the slack in one of the additional areas. The strategy that KMAG is using in this form of diversification is the same type of strategy that is implemented by fortune 500 companies worldwide.

One of the main factors in KMAG KMA Global Solutions continued success within their sector is the fact that they are able to uphold a stable and high level of customer satisfaction. In today's day and age more times than not a hand shake has been replaced by a computer generated robot, a customer service hotline has been replaced by a help blog. The sense of belonging has run vacant not just on one industry or another but on a global scale more or less.

As far as the financial outlook for KMAG they are currently producing $284,632 for just the first 6 months of the year which tells you that they are on their way to finishing the year over the half a million mark granted they are able to maintain the same pace. When taking those financials into consideration the company noted in a recent release that the second quarter of the first half of the year was significantly larger than the first quarter and this was due to additional sales from the new RFID product that was developed for the baggage industry. Out of those numbers that I just presented to you we would like to add that $91,650 of that was to be considered gross profit! If they are able to keep the numbers up from the sales of this new product mixed with their current strategical position we could see some impressive revenues being reported in the coming quarters.

As of the time period ending in July 31, 2011 KMAG KMA Global Solutions had current liabilities of $72,002 and current assets of $201,737. This is great to know as an investor in KMA Global Solutions, they have a great business strategy, a much needed segment, growth, Drehzahl, and patented technology. When I invest in a stock I may be lucky enough to find a stock in the Micro Cap segment with one or tow of these key factors, to find a stock with a wide variety of very strong characteristics is fairly rare. With an additional patent pending the possibilities for even more significant future growth is high.

This is a solid company and a great alert based on current position, technicals and fundamentals. If you are scanning the markets looking for a good possibility for a successful short or long term trade then do not miss our alert tomorrow on KMAG!

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