Episode 14 - SEEK TheDirectory.com Ceo Interview

TheDirectory.com llc SEEK Ceo Interview With Scott Gallagher

Stock Legends Radio Episode 14 Exclusive Interview With SEEK Thedirectory.com


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It was a pleasure having Scott Gallagher Ceo of Thedirectory.com on the radio show. Scott explains how he comes from a background as a stock broker during the dot com boom and saw an opportunity for some significant profits. Scott was able to pick up thousands of generic domains that are industry specific because he knew when he saw the once giant Yellow Pages falling to their knees that the market was changing for good. People were changing their proffered methods for information and directories. Thedirectory.com was originally created back in 2004 and just came out of the introductory phase last year and already just one year later is seeing a significant growth upwards of 300%.

As a strategical move Thedirectory.com was able to move a website by the name of Businesslists.com into their portfolio when it was ranked in the 100,000 plus range by Alexa. Scott talks about how after a years' worth of hard work they were able to push busiensslists.com to an incredible rank of under 10,000 in the U.S. The directory.com is able to benefit significantly from this cross market and reputation. Thedirectory.com also operates a call center which they opened back in 2011, after making some much needed adjustments Thedirectory.com decided to streamline the process and build a custom dashboard where the professionals that are in these particular businesses that are utilizing the directories are now able to go to Thedirectory.com for a full service type of business set up that will come complete with a website, analytics, directory, and a vertical search engine.

This new vertical search engine will create a reason for people to come to the site an utilize the site in multiple different ways. This will create more web traffic, repeat traffic and more end user functionality. This particular segment of the market can be very profitable, Scott stated how he things that thedirecotry.com has the capabilities to potentially sign up 25,000+ additional businesses and this would value them at a 10 million dollar company within the next 6-18 months. Once this platform is tested an created Scott talks about how Thedirectory.com will them have the capabilities to be able to jump to vertical markets buy just replicating the process that they are putting into place for chiropractic.net. Once the process is streamlined Thedirectory.com can target any like business that is monetized.

Within the next 6-12 months Thedirectory.com could potentially be in a similar Alexa rank as businesslists.com. Now that they are past the introductory and money spending phase of the business Thedirectory.com is setting their sites on the search for increased revenues and being fully reporting and up listing to the OTCQB or OTCBB. Scott is currently speaking with auditors to put together a timeline to be into place for the strategical move for becoming at the very list reporting pink sheets.

Thedirectory.com is really setting a great pace based on their segment, with the current pace of the company it will be no time at all until SEEK Thedirectory.com is able to push up to much higher levels. Scott went further to talk about their consistent growth and how every quarter is larger than the last and they are setting the pace and outpacing what he would have even expected. By taking a categorical brand website, monetizing it, and turning it into a verticle search engine they will be able to bring some large scale value to people that might be in similar verticle markets like attorneys for example.

With a web builder dashboard a chiropractor for example can come in, build a website seamlessly, with one click he can link social networks, business analytics,directory services,and the ability to streamline the difficult tasks to track for the average business. Thedirectory.com speaks about how even the competition that are put into place with hundreds of millions of dollars behind them don't even have the functionality of capabilities of what they are building with this new verticle search engine and platform. He mentions Zoc Doc and how they were able too raise over 100million dollars and how they utilize a widget to drive traffic to a clients website. Where he is going with this is that there are so many opportunity to capitalize on this segment of the market.

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