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March 22, 2012




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Why Is The Stock Legends Team Supporting The OTC Buttkicker GTMM?


Penny Stock Alert 3/22/12

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Ticker: GTMM


Volatility Level: Medium

Risk Level: Low

Liquidity Level: Medium


Strap in and get ready for a nice ride with Guitammer Company! Guitammer Company is Coming off of a recent high around .27 cents, this is a prime entry directly on a solid support line. We are very excited about this Guitammer alert for their patented technology. Guitammer has the ability to secure some serious profits off of this technology is extremely high in our opinion, considering that Guitammer technology could be used by cable company's, satalite companys, and gaming on a global scale. Guitammer could be on the path of something very big for this company. Recently Guitammer released news informing investors that they have strenthened their balance by over 2.25 million dollars, and over 24k the last 2 quarters alone! Guitammer is showing serious growth if I have ever seen it! Remember as these company's start significantly increasing their revenues, and with patented exciting technology in their posession the sky is the limit as to what kind of exciting advancements could be coming in the short term. As investors start to catch wind of the gravy train we fully expect the PPS in Guitammer to follow suite!

Imagine being able to sit in yoiur living room and Feel the hard hits in a football game, or to be in a theatre and feel the shake of falling down a mountian, or to play a video game and feel enemy bullets as they bounce off of the wall behind you. This is the next step in virtual evolution in our opinions and Guitammer has front row seats to a very nice wave of excitement!

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Happy Trading!

The Stock Legends Team


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