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BWMG Brownie's Marine Group Stock Alert For Monday 5/21

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एक आसान करने पर बधाई 42% लाभ और BWMG पर ठोस ग्रीन बंद!

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Brownie's Marine Group

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वापस निवेशकों में आपका स्वागत है! It has been almost a week since our last alert that yielded an easy 40% लाभ, और हमारे दो अलर्ट है कि पिछले से अधिक में लाया 100%! We are going to start the week off right with another breakout stock BWMG that just started its engine! BWMG is in a great price range just below two cents so all traders should be able to trade this for some easy profits.

Tomorrow's highlight BWMG is sitting high on the horse with an impressive 2.2 राजस्व में दस लाख डॉलर के लिए 2011, 93m ओएस के आसपास उत्कृष्ट शेयर संरचना, and some impressive patents. Brownie's Marine Group Ticker BWMG is in the business of designing, परीक्षण, विनिर्माण और वितरण मनोरंजक हूक़्क़ा डाइविंग, नौका आधारित स्कूबा हवा कंप्रेशर्स, and water safety products. BWMG has been around since the early 1960's and started in a garage with a ton of passion behind it. They have managed to grow exponentially and capitalize on their market. They accomplish this by maintaining a high standard for the finished product, विस्तार पर ध्यान दे, और जगह में एक सामरिक महत्व का योजना होने.

Part of being a leader in your particular segment entails the ability to set the pace, BWMG वर्तमान से अधिक रखती है 10 patents and a development and intellectual property program that works around the clock revamping and designing proprietary products that have the ability to improve their industry as a whole.

Not only is BWMG leading the pack in the with their underwater and diving solutions they are also helping aid the communities with their public safety dive system that are used in search and rescue and first responder emergency situations. One of the BWMG submarines have actually been covered by NBC's TODAY SHOW and spoke about how their Triton 330 पनडुब्बी क्षमताओं सागर की नई गहराई में सतह के नीचे सात मील की दूरी पर यात्रा करने की अनुमति देता है! This could be a huge addition to modern science as a whole and allow us to see completely undiscovered regions of the earth!

किसी भी स्टॉक में निवेश करने से पहले भले ही यह एक daytrade है कि आप हमेशा अपने आप को कंपनी के सभी पहलुओं के साथ famiarize चाहिए, प्रबंधन से, current growth. The current Ceo of BWMG Mr.Pitzner was appointed in December of 2010 because of his past Executive experience and leadership capabilities. Mr Pitzner has a vast background in running manufacturing and large scale distribution and also sits on the board for VMC Pitzner, AGJ Pitzner, SMCE Pitzner, कोरोना Pitzner. उनके नेतृत्व के तहत कंपनी एक लगातार दिशा और सामरिक स्थिति को बनाए रखने में सक्षम अपने उद्योग में किया गया है.

Brownie's Marine Group is going through and exciting time as they are launching A storefront where they will offer their Marine equipment and patented technology to local dive enthusiasts from the large scale industrial level to the personal diver. The opening for the BWMG store is expected to be fully stocked and open to the public in June and there are some large opportunities for them to take advantage of the local market

The Stock Legends Team is very excited to have the opportunity to be able to present this company to you at such a pivotal time period. We feel as if the aggressive growth that we have seen in BWMG in the past is at a time period where it could potentially reach some new and impressive heights! As you know investing in the market an being consistently successful is all about timing and at Stock Legends we feel as if the stars may just be lining up on BWMG!

हम हमारे हाल ही में सफलता को जारी रखने पर योजना बना रहे हैं और दो के लिए जोड़ने 100% प्लस सचेतक और पिछले सप्ताह 40% BWMG पर एक ताजा निशान के साथ चेतावनी! Make sure you are ready to go in the morning, as we feel this one may not stick around and wait for you. As always trade smart, make sure you read the research report that we put together for you and also take a look at the technical analysis video. Send this out to your social networks and feel free to post a comment below on this page!

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मिड - डे अद्यतन 5/21 BWMG Brownie's Marine Group


गुड ऑफ्टरनून निवेशकों! Early morning gains of 39% एक ताज़ा करने के लिए व्यापार सप्ताह के शुरू दाहिने पैर पर है! All in all bringing our monthly gains for investors up over 300% एक पंक्ति में लगातार दूसरे महीने के लिए; निवेशकों को है कि अध्याय पर अब भी कर रहे हैं के लिए 1 Dummies के लिए व्यापार के आप अभी भी कुछ महत्वपूर्ण लाभ को भुनाने के लिए सक्षम चाहिए ताकि बधाई!

Brownie's Marine Group has the investors on the edge of their seats today and it is for all of the right reasons! With their mission for success and baseline strategy they have really found a way to place themselves in the limelight leading their segment in technologies and product advancements.

एक तकनीकी दृष्टि से यह आसान है कि हाल ही में एक नया breakout ऊपर सही एक प्राथमिक स्थिति धारण प्रवृत्ति मात्रा में स्टॉक चार्ट धक्का दिया गया है 200 day moving average on the six month chart. The 200 डीएमए एक सहायता के रूप में कार्य करते हुए हम किनारे के करीब होगा 50 के पड़ोस में डीएमए .0348. Ironically the mark around the .0348 has also acted as a long term support on the most recent consolidation and if that point is reached would act as an excellent base for the next leg up so if you are long or swing this is a good price point to keep an eye on for a signal of a new bull run. We are also witnessing the technicals display a MACD buy signal close to being formed as well as a chart coming out of oversold territory which are all very bullish signs for BWMG!

कई रोमांचक कंपनी के भीतर जगह लेने के प्रगति कर रहे हैं, at Stock Legends we have been witnessing the line for popcorn grow significantly as the investors get a comfortable front row seat to what could turn out to be a fairly low stress and profitable ride.

As an addition to today's highlight stock we want you to stay close to your emails this afternoon, after the bell we will be announcing our highlight stock alert for tomorrow that will come presented with an in depth Stock Legends Ceo interview! These interviews give you as the investor the opportunity to get an inside look at the company, मुख्य कार्यपालक अधिकारी, and strategy that is put into place. Tomorrow's highlight stock BWMG has seen significant growth upwards of multi hundreds of percent in the last year or so! The Ceo is sharp as a razor and has a fresh and innovative view on his segment of the market. BWMG is for the dipped in octane fast paced traders since it is currently sitting in the sub penny price level.

हम बाहर भेज जाएगा घंटी के बाद साक्षात्कार और पूरा शोध रिपोर्ट के लिए लिंक के साथ आज एक अद्यतन! Again congratulations on profitable trading and adding to the consistent growth of your portfolio! Please stop by the Stock Legends website and leave a comment for us on the BWMG page at the bottom in the comments section, हम अपने इनपुट में सुना है और आप हमारे छोटे से समुदाय के लिए आपका स्वागत है प्यार होता.

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