Chris Camillo Wawancara Episode 8 Bursa Legends Radio

Chris Camillo Wawancara Episode 8

Chris Camillo | "Tertawa Di Wall Street" Pada Stock Legends Radio


Desember 12, 1012

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  • Masa Depan Of The Euro
  • Rehypothecation - Ada yang tahu apa arti kata ini?
  • MF Global ~ Kesaksian Corzine

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Chris Camillo

  • Penulis - "Tertawa Di Wallstreet"


chris camillo

Chris Camillo Tertawa di Wall Street: Bagaimana saya Mengalahkan Pro di Investasi

Chris Camillo secara harfiah membuat keuntungan besar sambil tertawa pada dinding jalanan. Find out why Chris Camillo is laughing at wall street in this radio episode. With a Peter Lynch style trading strategy Chris Camillo has found a way to bank serious profits off of the average everyday news headlines. More often that not there are trends or breakouts in the headlines or in mainstream media that are hidden under the coverl. Chris has found a way to bring these profit opportunities to the front row seat where investors can learn, menyesuaikan, dan keuntungan.

If you are looking for a trading strategy that is a little bit more unorthodox than this episode is one that you will really enjoy. As a trader, it is great to always be searching out new strategy's. As Chris realized all of the research and due diligence in most cases is a ton of time that is not necessarily needed to bring in the green. Chris Camillo explains a situation where he was in the back of target, sitting in a lawn chair with a line out the door to buy a furniture line that was newly released. Chris Camillo sat in his lawn chair, leveraged a huge option on the stock and watched as his profits skyrocketed over the coming week.

What makes Chris Camillo different than the average trader? Can you trade like Chris? Actually it is much easier than it sounds. This strategy is based off of common sense and enjoying your life. Want to be lazy and make fat profits? Chris started investing as a young child, his brother was a stock broker and his philosophy as always been the same. He uses strengths in companies that are seen in everyday life then turns around and profits off of the obvious. This ability to recognize things has pushed him to pursue his life career off of recognizing trends through information arbitrage.

By utilizing this method Chris is able to identify and take advantage of these trends before Wall Street even catches on. His investing methodology is pure information arbitrage meaning that there is no technical or fundamental work going into the investment. The information used in this strategy would have to be strong enough to really move the stock and push through those forms of analysis. Think about how the market reacts when a company's financials come out. The market reacts as a whole and at that precise moment so you are technically starting a race against everyone simultaneously.

Chris gives some examples of how he has utilized this trading strategy in the past and what his plans are for assembling investors to share his passion and information.

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