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Lapkritis 17, 2011



The Results:

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Penny Atsargos Alert 11/17/2011

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Strap in for a nice ride on Ticker ICNM Icon Media Holdings for tomorrow! ICNM Icon Media Holdings is a diversified global consumer products e-commerce company. Stock Legends has the full research report and analysis right here.. Their major business line is in Wall Art such as pictures and posters. There is a huge market for things like this and by being diversified from wall art to movie posters they are able to put together an impressive book of business. Take the time to read the Due Diligence below and watch the video chart above. The stock price is currently @ .07 and we are thinking there will be some excellent profits made from its current level.

Icon Media is in the business of global consume products and ecommerce based sales. They buy and sell high margin based products for a profit and have other direct markets in the movie decor, and memorabilia segments of the market. ICNM can be found conducting business in many well known venues world wide such as Amazon, Amazon Uk, Ebay just to name a few. Icon Media has been the go to place for over 10 years for people that are interested in products geared towards the average movie lover. Typically in the public segment we will see numerous companies that come unto the public market only to leave almost as fast as they showed up. So the fact that Icon Media has had both feet on the ground for such an extended period of time gives you idea as to the goals and strategies that they are implementing. Some of the key sites that ICNM operates are below:


As part of this large portfolio of movie memorabilia sales outlets ICNM also holds and maintains one of the largest known vintage items collections in stock worldwide consisting of over 750,000 items! When we trade in the OTC more times than not some of these companies can't even buy their own lunch so it is comforting to know that they have some form of value within the company.

As of today roughly 42% of the revenues generated by ICNM come from online portals come in via direct sales also though the internet, and the remaining 15% comes through wholesale deals or other channels. With such a large portion of their business coming though their main website ICNM understands that any growth would have to be generated by beefing up their web presence on a greater scale. They are looking into international development, brand launches, and leveraging existing publishing contracts.

ICNM is also rapidly expanding and utilizing a variety of social media platforms to communicate to a more broad customer base. The current headquarters location is in North Carolina with additional support located in Canada, Masė, Arizona, and Neveda.

Icon Media recently stated that they are currently on the path for significant growth, even though most of their working capital is depleted they have completed most of the hard work. They currently have a strategy that when implemented will increase their cash flow, introduce large distribution partners like Amazon, global positioning, and increasing their management experience to ensure smooth operations. The long term goal and objective of ICNM is to grow that portfolio into a value upwards of $100 milijono dolerių! With the appropriate expansion into more high margin areas will have a significant effect on the bottom line profits of ICNM.

It also appears as if they have a very well put together management team including Ceo Mr. Deakin who has a background in the e commerce business and has been involved with this segment since 1995 which means almost 20 years of web sales experience.

With a current share structure of only seven cents and an outstanding share count of only 102 million shares it is safe to say that with the right catalyst the pps could see significant movements! There is plenty going on with ICNM to be excited about and the buzz cloud is growing. Just make sure you are ready to ride the ICNM wave in the morning!

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