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Exclusive Interview With The Ceo Of LUDG | Ludwig Enterprises llc

Ludwig Enterprises Has Plans To Connect The Generations Through Innovative Technology


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Ludwig Enterprises Is A broadcasting company with an innovative approach and a past that is filled with lessons and the stripes of a true tried and tested public company. Ludwig Enterprises is on a mission to bridge the gap between the hip youth and the grandparents aged with happy years from the bustling citys to the far outreaches of the most primitive countries. With a new and innovative technology Ludwig Enterprises has found a way to broadcast an existing digital television signal and reciprocate that signal over vast expanses of land to the end consumer.

Using this technology could bring a potential market reach of over 1,250,000 potential listeners in over 50 markets worldwide. These markets would be fully equipped with 2,500 stations and in multiple languages and time zones. A potential move into any kind of statistics such as these potential targets would ensure that the investors of Ludwig Enterprises would be sitting in a very handsome position.

The plan of operations for Ludwig Enterprises is to continue to run the company without the weight of a large staff and to retain future technical expertise on an "as needed" basis. If this sounds like the type of company that you would like to invest in then we wish you the best of luck!

The current share structure is appealing and could give the chart a very nice spring action and some quick gains that will almost surely be short term. The Ceo interview with Ludwig Enterprises will get you up to speed with the company and their hopes and wishes for the future!

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Ludwig Enterprises Ceo Interview Gives You A Front Seat View!

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