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market update


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March 27, 2012


Market Update

  • Oil Insider Warns Of $5.00 Gas

  • Moody Downgrades 9 Nations

  • AIG Beats The Taxman

  • Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry

  • Corzine Leaves Smoking Gun

  • Student Load Deficit Reaches 1 Trillion Dollars

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There is so much going on the the world today, it is almost a full time job keeping up with what is the latest and greatest thing as the days go past. At Stock Legends we not only have our ears to the street to make sure we are bringing you the very best and most up to date information and market update, but we stay away from the everyday vial of the mainstream media, our market updates are never tainted. A majority of the population turns to large scale news sources for their market updates and global economics and more times then not they receive hand picked topics that may not be the most important topics on the table. Our market update is cut raw with the most up to date information available at that particular time.

When we listen to the Federal Reserve, Bernanke, politicians, and public figures alike speak about current issues more times then not we are floored with some of the content that is spewed into the general populations ears. This weeks market update topics cover everything from Moody downgrading a huge amount of nations and turning their credit rating to a less than positive outlook, all the way through to the President of MF Global John Corzine and his court appearances in regards to the monstrous amount of money that the tooth fairy supposedly flew away with in the middle of the night.

Where is the economy currently heading? One would think that it is all good right? Where do you go for your market update? The stock market is up, people are happy, but at Stock Legends we feel that there may be a handful of underlying issues, that could potentially jump up and bite the average person who does not seek the truth directly in the rear.This is why we bring you the rawest and most up to date market update on Wall Street. Not to be a doom and gloom or A fear mongol by any means, As long as the markets are strong I can continue to sleep on a plush mattress. Are your investments safe though? The Stock Legends Team commits our industry knowledge and experience to our everyday listeners through our market update segments of the show. If you remember back before the last market collapse we were coming off of a large scale bull run, which most would refer to as a bubble. Then what happened? The bubble popped and everyone free feel into financial chaos until their investment accounts were bled down to the very last molecule, wish you had a market update then huh? We are not saying that the particular situation is going to happen again, but I know that if things are shaky I am going to be on the search for information. Knowledge is power, always remember that.

There is always a risk in things going wrong when you are investing, but keeping your ear to the street with Stock Legends radio and our market update you will have a much better understanding of the global economy and overall potential risk overall.

It is very interesting for us here at Stock Legends to see John Corzine on the stands knowing that he is a big time Goldman Sachs guy, with ties to politicians and the apple tree of the U.S. Is there a point in time where someone becomes too connected? Can anyone gain invisibility? We demand answers, there are hard working people that have been aggressively taken advantage of and deserve the most up to date info in the market update. Over 1 billion dollars, and that is a ton of money, well Mr Corzine, you have won a few spot on the next few market update segments, congrads. What happens when banks and government become Siamese twins? Anyone have a pair of scissors?

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Special Guest:


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We were very excited to have David the founder and owner of Investors Hangout on the Stock Legends Radio Show after our market update. Investors hangout is an up to date complete investor portal with over 19,000 current stock boards and in a very short period of time is already well over 2,000 members! When you are investing it is important to have a place to go and be able to focus on what is important and that is what stocks you are trading, where your money is going, and the trend of the market. At Investors Hangout you have the opportunity to be able to discuss and analyze thousands of stocks on public message boards with thousands of other traders. If you are currently in a trade you can easily go to one of the many custom boards and look for information and due diligence that significantly cut your research time, as part of our market update on Stock Legends radio we will provide the big buzz stocks from the Investors Hangout message boards. Avenues like the Investors Hangout Portal and Stock Legends market update will ensure that you have the most current information in the market.

Where many of the other stock boards and chat rooms are charging large amounts of money to become part of their community, David at Investors Hangout decided to give back to the community that he loves and he decided to waive memberships fees to his website. 100% free for both investors and investor relations companies! This is an amazing gift for all of us traders, a resource like this can literally be priceless in the right situation. We want to be sure that as part of our future market updates we recommend all investors to go to Investors Hangout for the extreme value.

Find out who the best traders are, follow them, email them, become part of a team of traders all searching for the same final outcome... Profits! Once you develop a following you will have the ability on Investors Hangout to create your own stock board, other traders can come over and post and sign up for your board email alerts. At Investors Hangout if you have a message that you would like to present to your own community of followers you can send the email list for the board an email and keep them up to date.

For the active traders, don't worry know one forgot about you.. Take advantage of custom watch lists, video charts, hot stocks, trading education, and full access to NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC, and Pink Sheet message boards! Get up to date information from these boards with live traders and non mainstream media like our market update to ensure that you have received a heads up on all OTC and big boards related discussions.

If you are an active trader, this is the place to be.. If you have not checked out Investors Hangout yet we suggest that you stop by and check it out, it is a great community. We will be staying in touch with David and the Investors Hangout Team and inviting them back on the radio show for a future market update release.

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