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MDFZF Medifocus Inc Has Ground Breaking Cancer Treating Technology

Stock Legends Radio Episode 22 Just Out MDFZF! 10/14/12

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In today’s day and age the quest for medical perfection plays a role in all of our daily lives from many aspects. As part of this quest for extended life, professionals within the medical field are projecting a cancer fatality rate of 577,190 people for 2012 in the U.S alone according to The way in which cancer spreads through the body in most cases makes it fairly hard to confront with what are known as standard treatment practices.

With this in mind the daily search for a perfect treatment continues as we speak. The United States is by far the leader within the healthcare spending global arena and there lies great opportunities for significant financial benefits when a strategic investment stance is taken within market. Based on this opportunity there is no single factor that can dictate success or potential failure more than timing. We carry this key element with us through many of our investment decisions on a daily basis to ensure success.

After conducting significant due diligence and a perception of value based on short term potential future events we have chosen to present to you a company which appears to be on the precipice of what could be a time of change for the better. Medifocus, Inc. (TSX:Venture-MFS)(OTC-MDFZF) is a medical device company that currently owns a patent within the microwave focusing technology segment of the cancer treatment arena. The technology is referred to as adaptive phased array system which has the unique ability to precisely target and concentrates microwave energy on cancer tumors without damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds the effected tissue. When this is used in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation breast tumor shrinkage of an additional 50% has been witnessed in patients.

The Company has received Investigations Device Exemption (IDE) approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Investigations Testing Authorization (ITA) from Health Canada’s Medical Device Bureau (MDB) for its pivotal phase III trial with the Microfocus APA 1000 Breast Thermotherapy System for the treatment of breast cancer. A total of 238 patients will be entered into the phase III study in the United States and Canada. Information regarding the Medifocus clinical trial is available on the U.S. National Institutes of Health web site at:

Based on the fact that the current share structure of MDFZF is below 100m shares with a market cap of roughly 14 million we feel as if Medifocus could turn profitable results from its current price point of .145 cents per share. Medifocus, Inc. has stated that 120 million dollars in annual revenues will be produced off of just 200 adaptive phase array systems placed nationwide.

To ensure that a strategically adapt management team is in place it will enlighten you to learn that the current Management team has successfully commercialized “Prolieve”, a heat treatment system for BPH and sold Prolieve to Boston Scientific Corp for over $100 M in returns. MDFZF Medifocus Inc. just recently announced in July 2012, it had completed the purchase of all Prolieve® business assets back from Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX).

MDFZF Drug Prolieve is approved by the FDA for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Prolieve is also a patent protected device that utilizes intra-cavitary catheters to deliver a combination of microwave heating and balloon dilatation of the prostatic urethra which leads to the relief of BPH symptoms. Treatment with Prolieve is a minimally invasive non-surgical in-office procedure which offers patients clinically documented immediate reduction of BPH symptom scores. Prolieve is the only microwave device to be randomized to drug therapy during its pivotal trial. The BPH drug market is an $8 billion and growing market. BPH patients can be treated using Prolieve in urologic offices throughout the United States. In addition, the Prolieve treatment is also made available to physicians using a nationwide mobile service provider, Rocky Mountain Mobile Services, which was part of the asset purchase.

Dr. Augustine Y. Cheung, founder, President and CEO of MDFZF Medifocus, stated, "The purchase of the Prolieve business assets is a significant business enhancement event for Medifocus. With Prolieve, Medifocus now transforms from a development stage cancer treatment medical device company to a mature medical treatment systems and devices company with a revenue-generating commercial product for treatment of BPH and an innovative focused-heat breast cancer treatment system in advanced phase III clinical development. Using the MDFZF Prolieve technology platform and the APA focused-heat platform, the Company is well positioned to develop a rich pipeline of minimally invasive and side effect-free focused-heat treatment systems and devices for cancer and other diseases."

In a recent release the company made public to the investment community that they would be reporting revenue for the first time in its history in this current quarter. With so much natural expansion within the current bio segment taking place and these well timed positive factors we feel as if the current share price could have a potentially positive movement for MDFZF investors in the short and mid-term.

The company has been overlooked by the market as a whole, The Ticker MDFZF Carries the fifth letter F on the symbol due to the fact that they are a Canadian listed stock. This phase 3 bio cancer treatment stock is on fire at its current market cap and PPS! The Team At Stock Legends thinks that there is significant value to be found for the shareholders in this company. Listen to the Ceo Interview and view the research report that we did on the 4th of the month now! Volume has been picking up as investors blow the dust off of this true undervalued company. We are expecting things to start ramping up significantly and feel that the company is a phenominal hold or swing position stock.

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Happy Trading!

The Stock Legends Team



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Good Evening Traders,

Get ready for a seriously unique opportunity to take part in the quest to cure cancer tomorrow at the opening bell! In the United States we are a large part of the $64.7 billion dollars that is spent within the major medical market segment! The highest in the world of course is held by none other than the United States by almost double the second place runner up. As technology advances at a rapid rate maintaining cost-effective medical care becomes extremely difficult and challenging, or at least here it seems to. With expected growth of roughly 18% by 2015 companies within the segment are witnessing expanding revenues right front of our eyes. The medical battle ahead of us is almost guaranteed to be a considerable challenge for the people living within the United States and in future years to come there is also going to be a unique opportunity for maximum profits based on this natural segment expansion. We have seen shares for all types of companies that are going through the FDA approval process over the years as some impressive gains are obtained with breakout precision.

One of the most difficult tragedies that can happen to a family member or someone that you care about is them being diagnosed with cancer. As we start to get to an older age in your life and friends around you start getting cancer and becoming sick it must really sent shivers through your spine. Some mild forms of cancer are treatable with radiation but there is still an alarming fatality rate that is witnessed every year. MediFocus Inc Ticker MDFZF owns a patented microwave focusing technology platform known as the adaptive phased array or a PA system which can precisely target and concentrate microwave energy and destroy cancer tumors without damaging healthy tissue when used alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation. One of the most exciting factors about this a PA system is that it has already received pre-market approval by the FDA as an conjunct to radiation for treatment of surface and subsurface cancers!

Even more astonishing than the technology and its stage of approval is that Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy increases rest tumor shrinkage by an additional 50% over non-neo Adjuvant Chemotherapy! After the placement of 200 of these systems within breast cancer centers across the country the total revenues for the MDFZF would be in excess of $120 million per year! Let me say that again, that is off of only 200 devices!! $120 Million Per Year In Revs! Management has successfully commercialized Pro-leave a heat treatment system for BPH and sold pro-leave to Boston Scientific Corp. for over 100 million in returns!

With only 74 million shares in the OS, and 24 million as of April 30 in the float the share structure is priced to move by all standards of the market! With an opportunity to grab shares at its current price of $.11 any potential catalysts could send the stock into orbit! As an investor your profits could fly like an Eagle carrying a Golden egg!

The Stock Legends Team feels as if there is a significant opportunity for investors in MDFZF! The Due Diligence on the company is solid and there is plenty on the horizon for the investors and company in the race against cancer! Get ready to come out swinging tomorrow at the Bell with ticker MDFZF!

The Stock Legends Team

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