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MFTH Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp

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Risk Level: Medium

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: Medium


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MFTH is in a opportune position. A breakout signal has rang alarm bells across traders desks all across the OTC market! Traders know that the best profits are made when a early entry is taken the moment a positive trend develops, and that time is now. There is no better trend signal than a breakout, and MFTH is setting itself up for a monster move. The chart speaks for itself as the last two MFTH breakout signals netted some serious gains that would have been foolish to pass up. Don't miss out on another great opportunity as momentum the past few days has shifted from negative to positive as a key resistance trend line has been smashed. MFTH currently rests at .007 and has potential to head higher from here. There currently is some stronger resistance at .015 and we think this is a reasonable short term target for anyone interested in making some serious money. Watch for the RSI to give a oversold signal anywhere from 70-90, but currently at 55 it has a ways to go before traders should get concerned. The MACD has also just now crossed upward and this indicates positive momentum is back into traders hands. It's time to let the greed flow.

Investors welcome back from the relaxing weekend, here is a nice scoop of espresso to bring you into the morning spirit! Last week we announced our first highlight stock for the month, we were able to capitalize on an easy 11% gains with a high of day close and phenomenal volume. This is good by all means but not the legendary two guns up exhibit we were looking for, time to focus and let it rain. Sell in May and go away? If you would have done that would have let an easy 430% plus gains last month slip through your fingers. Lets clean off the dart board and direct our focus towards our goals for June!

We are bringing in the week tomorrow with a top notch alert primed with an aggressive chart resting one one of my favorite technical indicators which is the 50 DMA! Tomorrow's alert has some really exciting technology and is working towards protecting patients within the medical environment. There are hundreds of thousands of cases if not more where patients are given a medication that is accidental and could potentially injure or kill them. Not to mention the growing national issue of serious drug addiction that is like termites eating through the very foundation we are standing on.

Medisafe Technologies Ticker MFTH is a developer of patented technologies that prevent unauthorized release of prescription medications in form of hypodermic needles. This direction that the comany is cornering has the ability to grow exponentially in the coming years. This would save hundreds of thousands of lives the first year and has the potential to be an everyday used product by hundreds of thousands within the medical field.

MFTH has already moved into the segment like a B2 bomber by managing to form relationships with major health product carriers for seven figures and has recently conducted a stock repurchase program of 10m shares with a price up to .10 cents! Anytime you see situations like this one described taking place it should be very simple for you to pinpoint the confidence and direction of the company.

Incorporated back in July of 2009 Medisafe Technologies has been around the block and understands what it takes to run a public company where both sides have the potential to exceed with minimal effort. With a strategy on the right side of the coin it is no wonder that the insiders and investors are loading the boats. Sales agreements have been worked out and contracts have been put into place with PIA Electronics to split revenues @ 10% based on a working prototype manufactured by their company. The patent number for this technology is 7,347,841 and MFTH is ready to strap on their armor and potentially change the game!

Breakout Chart, Worlds first preventative hypodermic needle, and a business plan to take names MFTH is on the very top of my list.

Make sure you are ready to strap on your dancing shoes in the morning, we are ready to make some moves!


The Stock Legends Team

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