NEIK Northstar Electronics | Episode 4

NEIK Speaks Of Future Strategy's For Expansion

Wilson Russell Ceo Of NEIK Northstar Electronics Interview

October 20, 2011


Host: QuickDraw007

Special Guest: Wilson Russell

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NEIK Northstar Electronics |Ready To Conquer New Market Direction


Wilson Russell

Ceo Of NEIK Northstar Electronics

NorthStar Resources is owned and operated by Ceo Wilson Russell phd. Northstar has a very optimistic future due to the fact that they have had a very long relationship with Lockheed Martin. With areas of interest in aerospace, marine, and homeland security Northstar Electronics has multiple opportunities for advancement. NEIK has an affiliate network in access of 2,000 highly trained professionals.

NEIK has had a longstanding relationship with well known powerhouse Lockheed Martin. Also NEIK has non cancelable contracts valued in the high millions that will surely be able to propel NEIK and their investors into long term large scale profits. Wilson Russell of NEIK has a PHD and a background in defense technologies. We have always been a big believer of investing in the jockey not just the horse. In this situation we feel that Wilson Russell of NEIK has a vast variety of skills that he can use to push NEIK forward and into the profit zone.

Before the war started Northstar Electronics was granted a large homeland defense contract from Lockheed Martin, after the war started President Bush decided to move the funding for this operation from homeland security to assist in efforts overseas and the contracts were voided.

Wilson Russell and NEIK were faced with a last minute decision to be able to adapt and overcome. Northstar Electronics reacted promptly to the change in the industry and were able to find a new niche market. They were also able to go back to Lockheed Martin and find a fit for some non cancel able helicopter contracts that would provide Northstar Electronics with a new avenue for profits and future growth. In business there are always roadblocks, but the way a company decides to adapt and overcome really determines what kind of outfit they are.

At Stock Legends we feel that the time will surely come in the short term for ticker NEIK to really show the investors how their strategy will pay out in the long term. The Ceo of Northstar Electronics Wilson Russell has a PHD and is very experienced for the position and implements and aggressive strategy. The ability to juggle negative situations and make them a success is a factor that we feel the investors should take into deep consideration. More times than not even if the company is well prepared for aggressive business the Ceo may not be. The company can only ever become as strong as their leader, that's why the Stock Legends Team would rather bet on the jockey than the horse! Wilson Russell of Northstar Electronics has already been tried and tested and in my opinion is good to go forward with their market strategy.

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At Stock Legends we feel that Ticker NEIK has the right tools in their arsenal to be able to continue to grow their business and in return reward investors both long and short term.


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