Princeton Research & STT Radio - Episode 6

Princeton Research & STT Radio Episode 6

Stock Legends Radio Episode 6 ~ Princeton Research & STT Radio

November 7, 2011


Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

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Princeton Research

Princeton Research Logo


Princeton Research is a leading source for fast moving stock and options trading. When you stop by their site you will be pleased to find a full array of up to date information on the latest and greatest stocks and options.The professional traders at Princeton research will give you tips on options trading, up to date breaking news, and superior portfolio growth. Princeton Research can offer you marketing strategies covering high return investments, bonds, interest rates, natural resources, currencies, gold and many other key investment opportunities. Princeton Research also has the Bill Chippas Radio Show where they talk about the latest breaking market news and information.The above mentioned segments put Princeton Research at the very top for the latest and most up to date breaking information.

Charles Moskowitz from Princeton Research spent the day with us on Stock Legends Radio to give us some excellent trading and options trading opportunities. Charles has an extensive past in the markets and has been a traders since the late 60's. Charles from Princeton Research was a broker for Dean Witter from the early 1970's until 1994. Charles was a head trader in the commodity's in the early 1970's and has a background in stocks and options as well. Charles and Princeton Research has a weekly newsletter which is called the Weekly Strategies Newsletter which coverers everythinng from stocks and options to economic issues. As part of the Weekly Newsletter and their text alert service you can get their intra-day options trades, they trade 2 separate portfolios which you can shadow. At the time of this interview the larger portfolio account that started with 100k was up 70%. Princeton Research is able to show investors a timeline of results which give traders the opportunity to see progress over an extended period of time. Princeton Research and Charles are extremely experienced traders with a professional past in the markets, if you are looking for up to date information the guys at Princeton Research will be able to give you some great and up to date trade ideas.


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Stock Traders Talk Radio


Stock Traders Talk Radio is a portal for up to date trading information and OTC research by means of Ceo Interviews.They have really taken off in the trading community recently with a full line up of weekly radio shows that are all OTC stock specific. When listening to the Stock Traders Talk group you will get to enjoy talk about stocks, options, and overall trading opinions.The STT group has years of trading experience and a well equipped team to be able to assist you in guiding your investment decisions.

When trading in the market in today's day and age the successful traders are the one's that are constantly searching for new and up to date information. The due diligence phase of any research is an important and necessary step before putting your money into an investment.The STT group has multiple morning and evening shows that are broad cast almost every day of the week. Be sure to stop by and check out the STT group and see what they have on their schedule in upcoming days or weeks!

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To get the scoop on Special Guests like STT Radio and Princeton Research stay tuned into Stock Legends Radio!


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