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January 19, 2012


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Why Does The Stock Legends Team Think Ticker PSRU Purespectrum Will Be A Good Trade?


Penny Stocks Alert 1/19/12

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Ticker: PSRU

Risk Level: High

Volatility: Extremely High

Stock Liquidity: High


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First and Foremost I want to say congratulations on Easy Profits with Ticker: UFFC! This highlight is a very good solid company PSRU and they have the right people in the right place to get the job done! PSRU is a Triple Zero Alert and won't come with the amount of normal DD that our typical alerts come with, PSRU is a runner soaked in gasoline. Remember these triple zero stocks like PSRU with little available Due Diligence can be a riskier trade but on the other side of the coin can yield some very impressive profits! Pure Spectrum is a runner!

Pure Spectrum recently announced news by Mr Cedric Atkinson would be assuming the new position of Ceo for Pure Spectrun and that he would immediately be entering the oil and gas segment of the market. They created and completed a joint venture with Paradigm Oil & Gas and this would complete phase 1 with expected revenues for Pure Spectrum that would show in the first quarter of 2012.

With world resources under constant turmoil and oil prices skyrocketing internationally if PSRU can tap into some black gold here the investors will be extremely happy. Although keep in mind in these types of situations. Trading stocks that are in this price range come with an added level of risk so they are typically traded with lighter funds.

The current share structure for Pure Spectrum is 876m in the outstanding share count and 2.5B on the authorized share count. Pure Spectrum is located in Toronto On with a current office in an office building on the 27th floor. Due to some of the recent press releases it appears that Pure Spectrum may be searching for wells located in Texas and the mid west.

Pure Spectrum is currently trading at a price of .0003, we have seen stocks at this level run for hundreds of percent gains, on the flip side of the coin we have seen them go to no bid and stay there for years. Use caution when trading these higher risk stocks. Lets aim for some big profits on this alert tomorrow!

At Stock Legends we try to bring a nice variety of stocks to suit all types of traders and we hope you enjoy them!

Pure Spectrum Inc complete research, technical analysis, and fundamental review from the Stock Legends Team.

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