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Breakout Alert For February 18, 2013

QFOR ~ Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation


Risk Level: Low

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: Medium

We are excited about presenting Quadrant 4 Systems Corp to you and we feel that this could turn out to be one of the strongest companies to follow this year in the OTC! They have surpassed expectations year after year but out performing the competition time and time again. With a BULLISH $19.9 Million Dollars In Revenue For the NINE months ending in September 30, 2012 it is obvious that this company is ready to play ball with the big boys!

A Merger was released this morning that has Wall Street chirping regarding a big merger with Momentum Mobile to for Q4 Mobility is really going to give them a game changing direction in what is already considered a best in class innovator company!

QFOR just recently updated their Outstanding Share Count in November of 2012 recording only 51,740,448 shares. This company has an aggressive path to move up rapidly in the innovative technology and mobile application segment, Keep both eyes open for a bullish move up in Price on QFOR shares!

Read the research report below now!

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