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"The Everyday Pipe Dreams Of Unsuspecting Prey,

And The Secrets To The Gods Of Penny Stocks"

secrets to the gods of penny stocks


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If you are new to trading penny stocks or even stocks in general I feel as if this article Secrets To the Gods Of Penny Stocks will assist you in indentifying some key elements that may be preventing you from obtaining your specific goals and potential profits. The title "The everyday pipe dreams of unsuspecting prey, and the secrets to the gods of penny stocks" is meant to be captivating and creates the overall felling and visual image of the situation you are entering. As with any other industry or niche there is always a learning curve that unfortunately becomes your right of passage. In the penny stocks and stock trading industry that is what we refer to "holding bags".

Will You Be Able To Identify The Gods Of Penny Stocks When You See Them?

This means that you get stuck holding other peoples shares more often then not a great friend or trader reached out to you with this investment that is out of this world. You bought, they sold, and you are the proud new owner of someone elses head ache. The tile "Secrets to the Gods of Penny Stocks" refer more or less to the veteran traders. As a new trader you are always admiring to be like someone, until you get to a higher level and eventually find out that they are broke as well and never made a penny.

Secrets to the he Gods of Penny Stocks is refering to the more experience traders. The loudest and flashiest mouth in the room will always attract your attention and you will lose by following them. It will take you years to find out that the humble traders that take very small profits consistantly are the ones that are truly stuffing the mattress. As a new trader you want the biggest profits, on the fastest stocks, I like to refer to it as a teenager turning up the volume on some hard core rock and roll cd. As you get a little bit older you take the long road because of the scene. Listen to some blues, because it makes you feel good and it is the way it should be. This visual image will give you and idea of the progression of trading strategy's, conquering your emotions, and capitalizing on the profits you deserve.

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The Everyday Pipe Dreams Of Unsuspecting Prey And The Secrets To The Gods Of Penny Stocks

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