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PVSP Pervasip Corp. Stock Alert 12/12

Čestitamo 86% Dobički in just two days on Ticker PVSP!

December 12-13, 2011


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PVSP Pervasip Corp. Je početje nekaj velikih stvari v prostoru, komuniciranje Vox


December 12-13, 2011


Ticker: PVSP

Stopnja tveganja: Nizka

Ravni likvidnosti: Visoka


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Radi bi vas pohvalila kot en uspešen teden trgovanja pride do konca in prinašajo nekaj pozornosti tudi našo celotno shemo zaloge Picks za prihajajoči teden. Ta teden bo napolnjena z dobro raziskane opozoril delnic od visokih na nizke tveganja, ki bodo pojasnjene z vsako opozorilo. V tem segmentu trga je vedno osnovno tveganje za nenačrtovano zaporedja dogodkov. Ni znesek za pripravo ali dolžne skrbnosti, ki se lahko v celoti zaščitili naše vlagatelje tveganja. Čeprav, odvisno od nekaterih primerih delniških Legends ni zapustilo svoje vlagatelje in njihovo težko zasluženi denar za. Your profitability and success largely determines the success of our future progress and reputation.

S tem pa je dejal,, Smo napovedali KMAG 7. decembra vložena v bližnji zapisa podjetja 20 million trading volume and 66% gains for our followers and created multiple profitable entry and exit points.

We want to direct our investors attention to a stock that has been bringing in very impressive gains and we believe there are much more coming next week. Direct your attention to today's stock alert Ticker: PVSP Pervasip Corp. With a recent movement off of a bottom chart this looks like a prime opportunity to jump in and ride a nice profit wave.

I have personally always watched PVSP and like the direction and the organization of the management. Keeping an open line of communication with the investors is a strong point here, unlike many other stocks in this end of the market where you may go months without being updated. As business technology advances in order to stay competitive you need to be able to utilize the same short cuts as your competition. Just a few years ago in order to meet with a client about a large deal you would have to board a plane, letenje v mesto, dobili hotelov, have the meeting and then go home. In today's day and age and with the help of technology such as the technology that PVSP has you have the ability to conduct the same meeting from the comfort of your own office and be able to accomplish the same level of connection as a face to face interview would provide you.

Pervasip Corp PVSP was originally incorporated in 1964 and is breaking through the technological market of video and voice over the internet protocol. There are other companies within this space competing for their share of the market but PVSP separates themselves from the pack by offering a unique array of back office capabilities and automated provisioning. With that being said the VOIP industry as a whole is expected to surpass 300,000,000 plus users by the end of 2013. With the Vox platform PVSP is able to offer the highest quality calling, nizki stroški, combined with a rapidly increasing market. Falling into these high traffic well timed niche markets can really spell out the future of a company like PVSP.

An additional important factor to take into consideration when reading the research report that we have put together for you on PVSP below, is to take note that the insiders have actually been buying up large portions of shares from the public market. Typical you are on the other end of the deal where they are draining them in your face. This to me tells me that not only does the company have confidence, they are willing to buy shares well over market value which is fairly rare, PVSP is a major buy in my opinion.

There is far more going on behind the scenes here with PVSP then what would normally meet the eye at a quick glance. PVSP recently stated that they have over 50,000 man hours into the development of their new billing center system. This is another indicator that they are preparing for some intense revenues. I don't know about you but anyone that is going to put some intense time into a piece of software like that obviously is expecting to be using it!

PVSP wanted to spread their services and do it in a way that would enable them to spend less money and still be able to maximize work flow and production. So PVSP did what any other smart company would do and launched their 1099 based outside sales program. By allowing "pravi prodajalec" to go out and generate their own business they are able to accomplish two things that will help them out. They won't get lazy employees, because they won't get paid and they will quit. Secondly they are able to pay a larger commission, and in return not end up with the "fat" that most companies deal with. When you have a team of employees and half of them are working at 50%, you still have to pay 100% and this is more times than not one of the largest challenges in hiring these days.

With all of that being said, I am a believer in PVSP for all of the right reasons. Read the research report below and make your own decisions on the company. I think that as you dig in here you will realize that there is a huge opportunity for success here. Feel free to post a comment below about PVSP and let me know your thoughts!

We have looked through the company and like what we see here, they have an excellent management and investor confidence is at an all time high.

View The PVSP Pervasip Corp Research Report Below




















































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