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Congratulations On A High Of 28% Gains Despite The Red Close!

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Ticker: SMAA

Volitility Level: High

Risk Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: High


Good Morning Traders!

We hope you are ready for another wild ride with the Stock Legends Team! This month has been another great success for our investors and we are pleased to be able to put you into the right stocks at such crucial times. With the months gains breaking above 200% and a couple more alerts to come we have every intention of finishing up June with a bang!

SMA Alliance Ticker SMAA has found a comfortable niche leveraging technology, managed systems, and proprietary management systems within the automobile dealers channel that has enabled them to offer their systems to government, travel and finance segments within the retail sector. With so many changes in the market the companies that are experienced and have the capabilities to leverage and de leverage relationships can often find themselves in a great position to be able to strategize and grow off of the well timed and executed completion of well timed corporate engagements. SMAA has leveraged the positioned described to the T.

With the economy twisting and spinning in all directions and our retail environments requiring multiple successful strategies to stay competitive many of the country's largest dealerships were put to the test and SMAA found a niche to capitalize on. Some of the old dinosaurs were simply trampled by younger aggressive entrepreneurs and for the ones that were able to make a successful change in their plan they were placed in a position for immediate profits because of appropriate positioning. Ticker SMAA was able two jump in with both feet and offer much needed assistance to companies with less than a solid strategy.

By offering a variety of services that are not tied in with their patented holdings they offered the needy and cozy place on some of the country's most popular websites to ensure the most exposure for their buck. As an addition the experienced staff at SMAA - SMA Alliance would provide quality lead gen, internet inquiries, and online credit requests which would in return off the dealerships a much needed cash influx to assist them in accomplishing their short term goals.

Many people take for granted the positive effects that a well trained and professional sales team can make for not only your bottom line, but you overall direction in your segment. By bringing in their own handpicked professionals SMA Alliance is able to rest assured that the end clients are sitting back and receiving immediate positive satisfaction as a result of brining a professional team of executives to help redirect the course and over outcome of the corporation at that given time.

We have to admit, at Stock Legends we like nothing more than some good old school door knocking to get the job done right the very first time! When we were able to see the bull move sales strategy of Ticker SMAA - SMA Alliance we knew right away that there were clients on the receiving end of the sharp, motivated, and enthusiastic professionals placed to make it happen. With a present exposure on sites such as Oodle, Aol, Autos, Cardomain.com, Military.com and Overstock.com it is easy to understand why the investors are so pumped for the morning bell!

With a current PPS of .149 cents and a very pleasing float it is only a flash in our brain as to what kind of excitement could be in store for our traders and investors! The suspense is building, what will be the next move of this well groomed professional revenue first responder!?

Get ready for another morning of fast paced heart pounding action from Ticker SMAA!

The Stock Legends Team

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