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Congratulations on huge 43% profits in a single trading day on SRPX!

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March 21, 2012



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Why Is The Stock Legends Team So Excited About This

SRPX Scorpex Alert Tomorrow?

Penny Stocks Alert 3/21/12


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Ticker: SRPX


Risk Level: Medium

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: High

Get ready for another Top Notch Profit Alert In Penny Stocks Ticker: SRPX! Scorpex is a leader in hazardous and toxic waste in the Baja Mexica and California area. Scorpex is currently taking the necessary steps to own and operate a full service waste disposal and recycling company. Recent the Scorpex volatility has really tightened up, we saw Scorpex run up to .26 as Febraury came to an end. SRPX entry right now of .14 and at long term support looks like a prime time to get in before the next penny stocks run! The daily liquidity in SRPX is impressive which gives a sign that entering and exiting Scorpex will not be much of an issue.

Scorpex has recently released press about a financing deal of $90 million and some contracts that we were able to verify upwards of the same amount. When these large penny stock deals start to become a reality they have the potential to be hugely undervalued. The Stock Legends Team is starting to gain some confidence along side the rest of the trading community on SRPX as the business plan and overall structure start to become a reality. When investing you need to ask yourself, are there profits to be made? Can my investment grow?

I think by witnessing SRPX maintain such a large market cap it becomes very clear that there are plenty of investors that seem to think so! The daily volume here is impressive and if and when all comes through for the company get out of the way! You could get trampled by screaming fans while grabbing shares as if you were at a Justin Beiber concert!

We are expecting a rush of volume tomorrow in Scorpex and are looking forward to giving our invesors some great returns on their investments! Get ready for another one of our legendary penny stocks SRPX!

As Always, Happy Trading

The Stock Legends Team

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