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January 25, 2012



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Ticker: STHG

Risk Level: High

Volatility Level: High

Liquidity Level: High


Stratton Holdings - STHG is a business that operates in the strategical realm of acquisitions, mergers, assets, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and leveraged buyouts. STHG does preliminary research on a perspective relationship or opportunity for profit and buys the distressed or undervalued asset at a discount and works it into a deal or arrangement for profits. They have additional companies that are more resource based in segments such as Oil, Gas, Precious Metals, Green Technology, and additional sectors which STHG feel that could be an opportunity for short or longer term profit margins.

With so many rapid changes in today's marketplace and public segment there are phenomenal opportunity's to profit off of these companies that may have seen a drop in their value for one reason or another. This principle dates back to the beginning of trade and has always been a great method to secure significant profits. For example. If apples were in bloom and there were so many of them that they were literally covering the grass as far as the eye could see, they probably would not hold a high value. In the same token if there was only one apple in the state, everyone would want it and the value would go crazy. STHG uses this same technique to approach their relationships from a profitable perspective. Something that today may seem to have dipped in value tomorrow could be and extremely sought after technology or resource.

From an investor standpoint we recently heard that STHG has hired a full time investor relations firm to handle questions, they have also submitted compliance to being listed on the OTCBB, and just back in November were assigned a new ticker symbol.

In the end of 2011 we all stood watch while STHG appointed Mr Cedric Atkinson as the new Ceo of the company. Mr Atkinson has over 20 years of past experience within senior level management and is very familiar with the inner workings of large deals. As he stepped in he announced that the company would be primarily focusing on the natural resources segment of the market. With current economic conditions and changes it seems as if this may be a very intelligent path for the company to take.

Mr Atkinson has an existing mining company that is active and also currently is in full operation in sierra Leonne in Africa. by merging in his mining company with the new direction of the company he is able to build a much more stable base for STHG and give other companies that may be interested in joint ventures or mergers more of an initiative to do business and strengthen their portfolios.

When these types of transactions an investor may wonder whether or not STHG will be doing a reverse split in conjunction with these new mergers and relationships and Mr Atkinson came out publicly and let the investor community know that a reverse split would not be taking place. Mr Atkinson says that the actions of the current strategical moves will work out great for the STHG shareholders in the short and long term. Back in December and in relation to the same gold company Mr Atkinson stated that there could be a potential revenue for $10 million dollars by the end of the next 2yrs. These numbers would be in conjunction with producing up to 5000 oz of gold and over 10,000 oz's of gold by the end of 2014!

With the world economy off kilt and getting less confident everyday, the world as a whole is starting to load on physical metals at an alarming rate. How valuable is that paper in your pocket? I can tell you one thing, and that is that the value of gold has never been zero! STHG has their hands in the right markets and the Stock Legends Team are watching all of their moves closely as they really start to roll out the blue prints for all of the strategic endeavors!

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