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BTZO Bitzio Inc Penny Stocks Alert | Full Research

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March 29, 2012



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Why Is The Stock Legends Team So interested In Ticker BTZO Bitzio Inc?

Penny Stocks Alert 3/28/12

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Ticker: BTZO

Price : .35
52 Week Range: $2.00 - .105
AS: 100 million
Float: 4.2 million

Get ready for a thrilling investment in ticker BTZO! We have the opportunity to really kick BTZO off! You may ask yourself.. Why would I Invest in Bitzio Ticker BTZO?

The Answers are actually very simple:

  • ~ Bitzio announced 2011 year end results incl. $576,282 in Q4
  • ~ Bitzio Ceo has marketing experience and is A go getter
  • ~ Bitzio Mobile app and development is one of the largest growing segments
  • ~ Bitzio Plans to up list spoken about on Ceo Interview
  • ~ Bitzio Is showing superb Growth
  • ~ Bitzio is Trading on top of the 200 Day M/A as support

With a .05 cent swing in price today and multiple opportunity's to profit based on the BTZO heavy liquidity this to us is an easy investment. In the course of our due diligence we found that Bitzio inc. is a very well put together company. Bitzio (ticker BTZO) is on their way up, with the correct people in the correct places to get the job done.

Bitzio's (ticker BTZO) successful business plan encompasses three key strategy's. These strategy's and markets are based solely on the web developers skill sets. From entry level all the way up to the real professionals. By creating a market for all levels of experience they are able to segment, connect, and open doors for profits between the programmers and end user community.

Bitzio Inc. has a young, educated, and aggressive Ceo with industry knowledge and in depth marketing experience. With the philosophy of Bitzio Inc and their mobile development/social platform there is a great possibility that they will hit their goal of 1 billion aps by the end of 2014. Bitzio Inc has put together a community based on a fundamental piece of the puzzle that prevent enrtry to mid level programmers from getting their apps to market. To get an app into one of the large marketplaces is not only time consuming but nearly impossible.

Bitzio devised a stratedy to create a community where developers could get assistance with creating apps, get them to market, and pass them to their groups of friends and then offer those groups of friends the opportunity to develop an app with the assistance of the platform and professionals at Bitzio Inc.

Bitzio Inc has revenue that is created for numerous avenues, the first and most obvious is that Bitzio inc. is streaming ads within the apps. The main source of revenue is one that may not be so aparent to the average person.

We are living in the day and age of information. Actually information is everything in today's world and here is the reason why. If you were to run a large campaign of mailers to 2,000 random people you would probably spend a coupe thousand dollars and get a horrible response because they may not even be interested in your product. Lets take that same 2,000 person mailer with targeted data and all 2,000 peopel were interested in what you were sending them.. Now we are talking! Big difference in the overall results.

What Bitzio is doing is collecting data form all of the end users and programmers. The phone will relay information about their hobby's and interested combined with other great data. That data is worth its weight in gold. The same way Facebook, Myspace, Or LinkedIn collect fragments of data. Facebook as a prime example was valued in the billions, but they only have 100 million users roughly. Why are they valued at 1 billion? Because that data has a large future value. If you like poodles today you will probably like pooples in five years right? There is the winner in the solution. We feel that it is a natural goldmine based on the technological evolution of the world as a whole!

There are lots of ideas and different penny stocks to follow based on determining factors, I would have to say that Bitzio BTZO would be a great opportunity for the investor sniffing for the undervalued penny stocks or future position plays.


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