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January 10-11, 2012


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Ticker: GRNE Green Endeavors Research Report

January 10-11, 2012


Ticker: GRNE


Risk Level: Medium

Volatility Level: High

Liquidity Level: Medium

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Why Do We Think Ticker GRNE Will Yield Huge Profits?


Over at Stock Legends there are just some things that no mater how much we try to understand we may just never fully be able to mentally grasp. With a large variety of different types of stocks in the OTC it can get confusing as to which ones hold value and which ones do not. Green Endeavors has always been on the very top of the Stock Legends watch list! We see different penny stocks get alerted that have little to no substance and trade all the way up into the high penny range, on the opposite side of the coin you have companies like Green Endeavors that are trading in the low triple zero sub penny range!

Now, if you are not familiar with the company after reading that you are probably laughing, and that is ok. How may trip zero stocks have you seen with revs? Green revs? Expanding nationally? Over 70 employees? ranked one of the top 200 salons in the country? Now do we have your attention?

As a triple zero stock we find ourselves scratching our heads as we comb over the sweet amount of due diligence available on Green Endeavors! Lets take a quick look at some of the recent company releases so you can get the idea of where this company may be heading:

  • March of 2012 GRNE announces that they have completed revenues up 11% of $267,750!

  • February of 2012 GRNE announces that their revenues are up in Feb 8% for $227,878!
  • December of 2011 GRNE states that their revenues are up over 15% from Dec 2010 and $286,674!
  • November of 2011 GRNE states that their revenues are up over 17% from Nov 2010 and $236,640!

We often talk to investors about companies and one of the first things they always ask is whether or not there is any growth, the problem is that they wouldn't know it if it smacked them across the head. Back in 2009 A Landis Salons was ranked one of the top 200 salons in the country and was the winner of salon wars a very large achievement within the salon community.

With a large portion of the profits coming in depending on who he has handling the salons from the management to the hair dresser Green Endeavors puts extra time and focus into getting the right people in the right positions. They currently have space for an additional 26 stylists as stated in a recent release by the company. GRNE states that a single well trained stylist can generate upwards of $80,000 dollars in additional revenue for the salon! With numbers like this it is no wonder they have had revenues and growth creating a stairway to heaven.

GRNE is currently being traded on the Pink Sheets and in the price range neighborhood of .0005. A recent push forward has put some excellent new opportunity on the table for GRNE as they work on the plans to introduce the Aveda experience center which is said to be the milestone of their business. This isn't going to be just put in any old place, it is going into a new $2 billion dollar downtown reconstruction plan and is expected to have upwards of 7 million visitors on average every single year! It is easy to see how with traffic like that could potentially greatly effect the customer flow of their other locations.

The Ceo of GRNE Richard Surber has a background as an SEC attorney and is very familiar with the inner workings of the public sector. He is able to utilize his skill set and connections to ensure that the best and most strategic decisions are made on behalf of the company. When investing you need to look at each and every opportunity as if you were buying the business and the Ceo were working for you. Would you be happy with the operations of GRNE? I can tell you that i would be, I think they have an excellent system that they are working on perfecting. There is plenty of room for continued expansion and growth in the industry and within the company. As revs climb, expansion picks up, and more work flow is added I think we will see some excellent long term and short term results with Ticker GRNE Green Endeavors!

As a trader first I can tell you that I have always personally had my eye on this company, with so much going on it is just a tough pill to swallow seeing a trip five price with so many forward movements happening all at once!

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