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LUDG Ludwig Enterprises Could Be The Best Penny Stock Day trade!

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Congratulations On Huge 40% Gains On Ticker LUDG Ludwig!

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Ludwig Enterprises LUDG Is Ready To Restructure With Strategic Plan On New Patent


Risk Level: High

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: Medium

Listen to the LUDG Ceo interview: click

Good Morning Traders! Let's get ready for the bell and our focus stock for the trading day today on this marvelous Tuesday morning! Congratulations on yesterdays 20% profits, not as much into the green as we had hoped for but after 4 plays in a row with the lowest profit of 40% I suppose we are due for a small one.

Today's highlight stock LUDG has acquired a patent in a revolutionary transmission method that is capable of covering 2,500 radio stations at full deployment. LUDG has a program that caters to the cultures of people that are in the furthest reaches of the multi cultural market. As a common result of most areas of the world that may not have the up to date technology that the U.S has, they lose the ability to be reached by the commercial broadcasts. Ludwig Enterprises Ticker LUDG is helping the old school analogue radio move into the 2000's and the digital age. There is a huge market in the unreached and underutilized reaches of the world. With this technology radio broadcasters will have the ability to reach over 1,250,000 potential listeners globally! This is a large number in terms of marketing and third party services alone. The target age group for this radio is going to be 50-90.

The patent that Ludwig has developed has the unique capabilities to be able to draw in signals from the new digital television format. This format is also known as HD-TV and is the first of its kind. The actual product is called "The One" and is very unique in its broadcast capabilities. There is a vast market that has been fairly untapped by the other radio broadcasts, this market has a combined buying strength of $1.5 Trillion dollars.

This multi channel, multi purpose digital 2 way radio uses social networking to bring together the advertiser and the listeners by actually pinpointing the geographic region and location of the listener and can be direct marketed to depending on their location. The opportunity here exists with LUDG, there were some issues with some less then positive relationships that are clearly explained by the Ceo of LUDG during the interview that we conducted with them. Listen to the interview and be sure to read over the due diligence.

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Ludwig Enterprises LUDG Market Research Report

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