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March 12, 2012




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Ticker MCII - Mariner's Choice?

Penny Stocks Alert 3/12/12

Mariner's Choice MCII Is At A Perfect Bottom Entry Position And Is Ready To Move!


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Ticker: MCII

Risk Level: Medium

Volatility Level: Medium

Liquidity Level: Medium

We have a great penny stocks Alert for you on Monday! We are hearing there are lots of traders that have their eyes on MCII and for good reason. It is penny stocks like this one that could potential yield incredible profits.

From A technical standpoint, Mariner's Choice couldn't be at a better position as it has found a stable bottom and is on the tip of a move that is going to take it on its next run! We saw a move several weeks ago that took Mariner's Choice from .01 to .045 and the technical situation suggests we may be in a repeat move as MCII is holding firmly at .01 area. It is best to time these penny stocks close to a known support for maximum opportunity.

Investors should take note MCII has announced that it will hold the Authorized Share count firmly at 100M until the end of December 2012. MCII has an Outstanding Share count of 96,675,357 means the company cannot dilute more than 3,324,643 shares during this time frame.

Mariner's Choice is taking a strategical stance withing the marine industry. Recent advancements show that the company has a plan to grow the company with a direction and expansion in unique marine technologies. Mariner's Choice has offices located in both Canada and Florida which enables them to capture a broad locale market that stretches down the coastline and keeps them locally placed to acquire a large network of relationships up and down the East Coast.

Being able to expand and maintain control is a challenge for many businesses that are segmenting in our out of an industry. With a Global size customer base their clients are able to capture the benefits of top notched cleaning and amphibious cleaning and maintaining products.

We feel strongly that MCII could have the potential to be added to our Hall of Fame alerts board! Get ready for an exciting Monday and a fresh Green start to the penny stocks trading week!

The Stock Legends Team


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