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SEEK Complete Research Report And Analysis

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Risk Level: Low

Volatility Level: High

Liquidity Level: Medium

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Get ready to strap in for another huge victory for Stock Legends and the investors! We have been on a tear brining in over 300% gains already in the month of May with over a full trading week left ahead of us! We felt the need to pull all stops out and dig deep for the most volatile and well put together sub penny stock in the OTC in our opinion! Let me just tell you now, listening to the Ceo Interview is a MUST, you will understand my drive once you are able to listen to it. We announced SEEK a while back and brought some really amazing profits to the investors in a single day and still hold the record volume on the stock.

It is not all about that, aside from day trading stocks there are some really excellent opportunities in the OTC, but it is all about timing! Without the correct timing you will not be as successful as you potentially could. At Stock Legends, timing is everything... That is why despite the fact that some of our investors don't trade the triple zero stocks we wanted to throw this one on the table and watch the dust clear, what you will find I'm sure will life the brow of even the harshest of critics!

It is not often that you find an OTC stock that is laid out like this, not only that but with a current price point of .0009 and a huge rollout on a brand new vertical search engine site incorporation taking place this could be some seriously spot on timing to come back over to SEEK! Over the last six months to a year SEEK has been working hard to roll out this platform and we are within weeks of seeing this happen and the buzz is seriously building. To understand what exactly is taking place and to really get a feeling for everything that is taking place it is very important for you to listen to the interview that we have put together for you here.

This highlight on SEEK is not a promotion, we are coming in here with a timing and technical alert and think it will pan out big, not only in the short term but as these puzzle pieces start to fall into place I would expect some serious price appreciation! Lets take a look at the SEEK through the magnifying glass to get a feel for what is going on here. The stock itself is resting on the .0009 support which is long term support here and has held extremely well for A year! That is right, over the last year it has touched this position four times and never gone below it. The chance of it breaking that support and going lower is almost not even a possibility in my mind. SEEK has a current stock price that is at the 52 week low currently, but they are seeing an increase in revenues of 300%? SEEK has created a unique market and climbed their alexa rank by over 150% but the stock is still at the 52 week low? SEEK is getting ready to unveil the brand new verticle search engine in the coming days/weeks but it is still at the 52 week low? This is honestly just the tip of the iceberg as to how much this realy does not make any sense!

If you look at the chart you will notice that in August of 2011 SEEK went from a price point exactly where the stock is now all the way up to .0028! I will be the first to tell you that the things currently taking place surpass anything that SEEK has released to date. For you sub penny players you have a company here that is clean, revs, expanding, and getting ready to take the biggest step to date and they are at their 52 week low! What does all of this mean?

For the newer traders this means that you get there before the crowd, the crowd always comes and then you will come running in after things start to really pick up speed and it will be too late. I have been in this position before screaming in the wind on stocks and watched them appreciate in price per share in amount of thousands of percent! This is not a promotional alert, just one of the many companies that I keep tabs on because for whatever reason my sniffer caught wind of something at one point or another and they were labeled as a guaranteed future legendary runner.

As far as the company is concerned they are well polished!

Up to date chart for SEEK: click

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SEEK Full Market Research Report


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