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TWWI - Thrive World Wide Will Make Your Trading Portfolio Thrive With Profits!


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The team at Stock Legends is excited to present this stock highlight to you. TWWI is in a great position for a positive move, the company currently has only 107,931,068 shares authorized as of Jan 31, 2012 which is a nice share structure for the investors to work with. We saw the chart reach a breakout point last week and has currently reset against a breakout point. As the volatility tightens and comes to a point where TWWI currently is sitting, typically this is a very strong indicator that a move and trend reversal is going to take place!

TWWI Thrive World Wide inc. is in the business of social shopping and is exploding in popularity. Customers of Daily Hot Deal their wholly owned subsidiary save on average 50-90% on daily deals that range across a variety of services from clothes, gym memberships, dance classes and shopping goods. The way this system works is the members will sign up to be notified daily of these deals through email, You tube, and other social media networks. This is a new and innovative idea that is catching wind and they are positioned in multiple city's on the West coast and rapidly advancing.

Local business owners can benefit from The Hot Deal because their products are given immediate marketing exposure and are presented to people within the community! When a company is profiled it is presented by a custom video that is shown to the potential buyers and they are given an avenue to purchase the product.

TWWI is constantly widening its grasp on this industry and has added some new affiliates and media partners, one of which is the Capital Broadcasting Group which owns a variety of TV stations all of which are featuring the Hot Deal to extend the overall marketing exposure of the program. One of the quotes from this particular release stated " Thrive and Daily Hot Deal will be using the Capital Broadcasting spectrum to grow the Daily Hot Deal membership and generate significant revenues for both companies". It is reasons like this that we invest in the public market, the ability to invest in an innovative idea and make a profit is enough to get any one of us up before the morning bell!

As TWWI Thrive World Wide inc. continues to expand into new markets and perfect The Hot Deal with a share structure like this it is safe to say that as an investor you have to be patiently waiting for the profits to start pouring in!

The best way for a company to ensure continued growth is to take advantage of verticle market just as Thrive World Wide has, recently entering the mobile networks segment marketing of the market as an addition. DealNet Inc their most recent relationship has a powerful stance in the mobile marketing segment with over 50 million unique impressions monthly! This rapidly expands their marketing and advertising reach and allows TWWI to truly capitalize on their segment. The Hot Deal will be providing products and services such as travel, ski resorts, tickets, sports games etc to now a national and local audience of consumer!

This is exciting to see the business plan and strategy of Thrive World Wide roll out in front of us, Thrive stated that they are expecting to enter 26 additional markets back in February and the investors of TWWI are shaking with anticipation of the next press release and the possibility's of these recent strategical moves!

We are expecting some happy traders in the a.m. so do not get caught sleeping in tomorrow... You will miss some potential profits on Ticker TWWI Thrive Wold Wide Inc.!

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    May 10, 2012 5:21 amPosted 4 years ago

    What a great alert Stock Legends! Keep up the good work! A few more of these like TWWI and I will be able to get back my loses from the last couple of months……. Bravo!

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    May 11, 2012 11:41 pmPosted 4 years ago

    I can’t believe I missed this alert! I just saw your twitter feed that you have another alert on Monday! Can’t wait! I will be watching my email and buying this one at the bell!

    Thanks Stock Legends!


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