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Aralık 23-28, 2011

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Why Is The Stock Legends Team Excited About BMSPF?


Penny Hisse Uyarısı 11/23-11/28/11

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Ticker: BMSPF

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We want to commend you as another successful week of trading comes to an end and bring some attention to our full schedule of Stock Picks for the upcoming week. This week will be filled with well researched stock alerts from high to low risk which will be explained with each alert on the new "Downside Risk" portion of our research reports covering everything from potential, debt notes, unanswered filings/pr's etc. Pazarın bu segmentinde meydana gelen olaylar plansız sırası altta yatan bir risk her zaman vardır. Tamamen riski bizim yatırımcıların koruyabilirsiniz hazırlanması veya due diligence hiçbir miktarı yoktur. Rağmen, Bazı durumlara bağlı Stok Efsaneleri arkasında bizim yatırımcılar ve kendi sabit Kazanılan para bırakmak için gitmiyor. Sizin karlılık ve başarı büyük ölçüde gelecekteki ilerleme ve itibar başarısını belirler.

Olduğu söyleniyor ile, We announced BMSPF last Wed and brought in impressive volume and excellent profits for investors. The following Monday we circled back around and alerted this stock again, the volume was great, but there was a rogue seller/shorter that hindered our ability to show a 2nd consecutive day of profits for our followers. The stock went up in the first 10-15 mins of trading and was brought down aggressively. We alerted this stock originally just above where it currently sits and moved the stock effortlessly and brought some great profits.

The seller/shorters there seems to be gone, We feel as if the stock has bottomed out in a great place and are re alerting this stock to bring the new investors gains similar to the first time we alerted it! This is not a promotional alert, this is for the community..

Based on the current position of the Stock Price we feel these are going to be easy profits made, We will be posting an updated video chart on this ticker symbol at some point today, also on Investorshub home page for you to view from a technical standpoint.

In recent news Biomass Secure Power released to the investor community that they came to terms on 72 acres of land in Cowichan Lake. They also have their first three plants in the process of development and BMSPF said that by the end of 2012 we should see the full construction. BMSPF has some large names behind their relationships, one of which is LG International. The agreement with LG is a contract that will span over a 10 year period and is expected to produce a gross income of $37,000,000 dollars for BMSPF. The company is currently underway in the building of 5 additional plants that are built to deliver a workload of 3.5 million tones of pellets annually and that would yield BMSPF a cool six hundred and fifty million dollars per year. As an investor when looking at potential numbers of this size if you are long this has to be an exciting announcement.

There is a schedule lined up for the completion and started production of the plants. The first of which is expected to be in production in 2012, two additional plants will be completed and in production in 2013, and the last and fourth location in this string of plants will be completed in 2014. BMSPF feels that if everything goes as planned they will be able to yield five million tonnes of pellets per year by the end of 2015.

As the need for alternative energy sources increase in the market there are more opportunitys for companies like BMSPF to step up and handle a significant workload within their segment. BMSPF has a product that is alternative energy, lowers co2 emissions and is cost effective. If they are able to hit their target production the investors at BMSPF should be very pleased with their investments!

We will also be sending out our newsletter through our website this weekend! This is a strategical move to show our investors that they do matter to us.. We will protect your profits as if they were our own. If you would like to get the in on fast moving stocks like BMSPF be sure to sign up for Stock Legends email alerts now!

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