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Guitammer Company | Buttkicker Products Ceo interview GTMM

Guitammer Company Ceo Appears On Stock Legends Radio Episode 10

The Buttkicker Makes Waves For Guitammer Company

Guitammer Company

Hosts: QuickDraw & Matt Chart

March 28, 21012


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We were excited to have Mark Luden the Ceo of The Guitammer Company on our radio show today to talk their exciting product called The Buttkicker low frequency transducer and more importantly their patented technology. Có một mong muốn rất lớn cho nhiều hơn và nhiều hơn nữa lên cho đến nay công nghệ và tiến bộ kỹ thuật như những năm đi theo, Guitammer Công ty thấy điều này và đặt lại với nhau một chiến lược để góc và bằng sáng chế một phân khúc thị trường tươi. I remember when the computer weighted 80 pounds and the Nintendo shook the airwaves. Those days have flown by at the speed of sound, and today we are here talking about the patent of 4D technology.

When a person is born they are gifted with a variety of senses that enable them to hear, see, smell, and feel the world around them. The more of the senses that you can enable when partaking in something the more interesting and lifelike it becomes. The Guitammer Companies ButtKicker low frequency transducer is an award winning sound producer that gives the end user the opportunity to feel the movie, game, TV etc in real time, Guitammer introduces the next sense to hit entertainment! Not to mention the patent for the transmission of the technology!

There are already some major company's buying into the ButtKciker product line, some of which are Imax, Comcast, The Kennedy Space Center and many other well known names. This product has been tested in race cars, in arena football stadiums, and the crowd reaction was unbelievable. Imagine having the technology to actually feel the hits on the field or when a hockey player hits the walls. Technology is moving and advancing at a such rapid rate that 4D technology is actually here and Guitammer Company has it!

Now that we spoke about their product and what potential capabilities it has, lets talk about their new patented broad cast technology that they have. Guitammer Company owns the patent for the transfer of data that controls this 4D technology! This means that any cable company, video game designer, stadium etc that wants to have and utilize this technology has to transfer the data based on this patent that Guitammer owns!

This is very interesting and really the sky is the possibility here, make sure you tune into this interview above. To ensure that you are getting the best stock picks, research, and analysis moving forward on stocks like Guitammer Company be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well!

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